Hey Journalists: Where is the Outrage?

Donald Trump regularly bullies and insults the media, and has even threatened general freedom of the press. Curiously missing? Journalistic outrage.

Your Madness is Your Magic: Don’t Lose It!

It is your cracks that make you stronger.

Biggest Loser of GOP Debate? Media Response

Last night, Donald Trump openly stated he would compel the military to commit war crimes; the media chose to cover his penis jokes.

Reclaim Your Crazy

Claim your crazy, don’t let anyone take that away from you. You mental health may be stronger when you struggle.

Minority Roulette: A Bold New Game Being Played By The Media

The media has seeped into our psyches so deeply, that we are now arresting children. Until we demand more and better from our media, we will continue to be pawns in the game of minority roulette, simply searching for another hashtag to circulate through the chamber.