Does Sex And Violence Actually Sell?

While sexual ads and violent programs invite viewers’ attention, they may be bad for business. Robert Lull and Brad Bushman check it out.

About Ben Carson’s ‘No’ to a Muslim President

Jessicah Lahitou looks at the role of the media and culture as a context for Ben Carson’s anti-Muslim remarks. — On Sunday, Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson stated he “would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation.” In a post for Monday’s Atlantic website, Ta-Nehisi Coates summed up many people’s feelings […]

Minority Roulette: A Bold New Game Being Played By The Media

The media has seeped into our psyches so deeply, that we are now arresting children. Until we demand more and better from our media, we will continue to be pawns in the game of minority roulette, simply searching for another hashtag to circulate through the chamber.

7 Ways The World is Conspiring Against Men’s Success

View image | Imagine there was a conspiracy to make a man feel less successful.  What would that look like? ––– Here’s what I think: The media would be full of articles about clothes, luggage, furniture, stuff you can’t afford.  Coincidentally, advertising would feature these same clothes etc, used by men in ‘everyday situations’ you could only […]

15 Things I Hate About Being a Writer

Like all the best writers, Cabot O’Callaghan has a love-hate relationship with his craft.

One of the Many Things the Media Has Wrong About the Black Community

Absent in the media narrative about race is the existing community of adult black individuals currently engaged and interested in civil dialogue.

What If All Our Heroes Were Ideas?

Let’s replace our heroes with ideas.

We Eat Stereotypes For Lunch Around Here

Become a Premium Member of The Good Men Project. No ads. A free book. And a lot of broken stereotypes about men.

#WacoThugs Exposed The Media’s Unfortunate Racist Double Standard

The Waco biker gangs aren’t just murderers — they’re ‘thugs.’ Why won’t the media call them that?

Can We Unlearn Social Biases While We Sleep?

We strengthen memories while we sleep, and researchers have found a way to cue that process to help people better retain information that counters implicit biases.

The Invisible Cynic

Cabot O’Callaghan is fed up with the lies perpetuated by mass culture and the media and ready for some real change.

How Bill Simmons’ Innovative Style Led to His Rise—and Fall—at ESPN

With teams providing less and less access to journalists, Simmons always prioritized the interests of the common fan.

Hey, Gavin McInnes, Men Don’t Get to Say Where Women Are Happier

Naomi Fryers examines the real motives behind Gavin McInnes’s sexist trolling on Fox News when he tells women where they belong.