5 Acronyms Entrepreneurs can’t Afford to Forget

Entrepreneurs Solve Problems

Keep these five acronyms in mind when doing business and you’ll be sure to stay in business.

One Nation, One Voice: Press Control and Propaganda in Putin’s Russia


Even in times of relative stability, the world had reason to lament Russia’s less than impressive record on media freedom.

His Cartoon Will Make You Think Twice About Climate Change

Rio 2

Famed Director Carlos Saldanha hopes Rio 2 will spark conversations on climate change.

Marlon Wayans “Desperate for Laughs” in Haunted House 2

Marlon Wayans

For Marlon Wayans, it’s all jokes. He’s not trying to change the world, just your mood.

On the Pittsburgh Stabbing: “Boys are always stabbing and shooting up schools.”

High School Stabbings

Another massive act of violence has been perpetrated against our nation’s students. Why aren’t we mentioning education in our talks about prevention?

Climate Change: Why There’s No Time for Discrimination

climate change-andrew-flickr

You can’t shout a slur if you can’t breathe.

Econology: Why This Word Will Ultimately Save Your Life

Dust Bowl-US Department of Agriculture-flickr

Social and ecological problems are mutually reinforcing. Attempting to solve one without the other is counter-intuitive, thus we need to practice econology.

Why the Pope Should Come To Philly and Ignore Its Hierarchy


Philadelphia’s Mayor Michael Nutter and Pennsylvania’s Governor Corbett are the wrong faces for a plea of patronage from his holiness.

Sex Sells, But At What Cost? How The Media Killed Romance


A Gen Y writer laments the death of chivalry.

“Is Physical Beauty Important for Practically Everybody?”


This comment by Valter V on the post Daddy, Am I Pretty

“What’s the point of replacing female models with everyday dudes?”


This comment by Steve on the post What Happens When You Replace the Women In Ads With Men

How a Former Felon Became a Global Thought Leader


Once considered a threat to society, BMe Leader Shaka Senghor, now herald as a global thought leader, will present at the 30th anniversary TED Conference.

What Happens When You Replace the Women In Ads With Men?

BuzzFeed videos Are Doritos That Sexy

Commercials tend to show women in provocative poses no matter what product is being sold. What happens when you recreate them with men?

What I Learned from My Media Ban

media ban photo GoodNCrazy

Cameron Brown took a media “time-out”, and found he was able to tune in to what really matters to him.

What Paul Ryan Gets Wrong About Inner City Men


I agree with Paul Ryan, there’s a culture problem, but it’s his, not ours.

Five Keys to Developing Men of Style and Substance

William Malcolm_1

William Malcolm is teaching young boys to become good men through mentoring and real-world opportunities.