Escalation In The Emergency Room: An All Too Common Occurrence.

Shawn Henfling responds to an unknown nurse’s treatment of a mentally ill young woman in an Emergency Room.

The Lid Has Been Lifted on Poor Veteran Care—Now We Need to Improve It

The government stands accused of failing to give former military personnel quick access to healthcare. But the type of care they receive is also a problem.

The Problem with Slut-Shaming

Women aren’t the only people who are slut-shamed, as Stephen S. Mills found out when he went for a routine (and responsible) health screening.

My Husband is Having a Baby! How to Think About Paternity Leave in a Rapidly Changing World

JJ Vincent wants us to start thinking about not just paternity leave in for husbands and wives, but for husbands and husbands.

Technology: Enabler or Prison?

Can technology replace human contact?

The Dying Game

Can a merciless marketplace be entrusted with caring for people?

“Cancer, like life, is a game of inches.”

This is a comment by Joe on the post “Eating Sushi at Stoplights”.

Damnit, Why Don’t Doctors Communicate—With Each Other?

One hand doesn’t seem to know, or care, what the other hand has done, gripes Mervyn Kaufman of his physicians, and he is sore about it.