Is America Embracing Democratic Socialism?

Setting aside our emotions, let look at what Democratic Socialism really would mean for America.

Ronald Reagan – I Take the Good With The Bad

Rich Monetti is a liberal who doesn’t hate Ronald Reagan, and here’s why.

Parent’s View: The Economic Impact of High Deductibles on Kids’ Health

Long lines at urgent care raise questions on the future of kids’ health.

Voices of the Government Shutdown Victims

For furloughed US employees and their families, the uphill struggle becomes more difficult by the hour.

What’s With All This Government Shutdown Talk?

A few things you need to know about the potential government shutdown.

Not Authorized to Prescribe Drugs? Medicare Pays Anyway.

Hundreds of thousands of times each year, Medicare pays for prescriptions purportedly written by massage therapists, athletic trainers, interpreters and others who aren’t allowed to prescribe drugs, according to a new federal report.

Bush in Rehab

Can George W. Bush’s presidency be redeemed? Greg Olear takes a closer look.

THE YOUNG TURKS: GOP Politician Says No Sex-Changes Because ‘I Like Being a Boy’ (VIDEO)

Is it funny to politicians to take the most childish, selfish position on real issues?

Back To Business

Ken Goldstein favors a pro-business compromise on the economy.

Have a Heart! Legally, I Must Explain Organ Donation to My 7-Year-Old.

Getting a child’s informed consent to donate their organs is as much fun as it sounds.

Beats the Alternative

What makes it so hard to be old?

“So then the morbidly obese would be best since they die off quicker? People living longer costs more money.”

These are comments by Mike L and Archy on the post “I Don’t Need to Explain My Fat to You”.

Occupy Versus the Tea Party: Reconsidered

Sure, they’re both movements for change, Matthew Salesses writes, but the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street are fundamental opposites.

Rape-ish, Rape-esque, Rape-like: What Is Going On?

Our government is run by either a bunch of bumbling buffoons, or evil henchmen trying to alienate women and not help those impregnated against their will.