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How to spot signs of premeditation and what to do as a bystander when you suspect violent intentions?

Remembering Stephen: Love, Loss, and AIDS

He underwent a smorgasbord of tests as the family anxiously awaited the answer. But we knew. The innocents in the old snapshot all knew instinctively, even before the test results came in. Stephen had AIDS.

Why I Took My Son Off Of His ADD Medication

David’s mom advocated for him, because puberty is painful enough without a prescription drug monkey on your back.

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Pill-Popping Nation: Half of U.S. Adults to Be Eligible for Statins

Nearly 13m more adults in the US will be eligible for statins after new guidelines widened the criteria for use of the drugs to treat high cholesterol and prevent heart attacks and strokes; but experts question at what risk.

Thoughts of Depression, Self-Harm, and Suicide

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Andy Behrman, aka Electroboy, wonders if you can ever truly be recovered from mental illness, or if you can only learn to cope with it on a daily basis.

“As a man who’s had herniated cervical discs for over 20 years, I can say that the support of a partner makes a HUGE difference!”

These are comments by Dr. Adam Sheck, Arthur MacMaster, Jess on the post “23 Tips For Men on Supporting a Partner with Chronic Pain”.

Left and Leaving

“Loneliness, poverty, homelessness—these don’t seem to bother him as much as having to announce that he doesn’t have what it takes to keep his marriage going.” By Christopher Ross