Appreciating the Doctor in Early Modern Britain

What was the position of the practicing doctor within the seventeenth-century community?

‘Weird’ Remedies and the Problem of ‘Folklore’

The term “folklore” may be keeping us from some very important treatment discoveries.

Doctors are Killing Themselves. What Needs to Be Done.

When it’s suggested that a resident’s mistake was so heinous that he should “off ” himself, we have an institutional problem.

The Secret to Avoiding the Flu? Take a Chill Pill

Stress is bad for more than just your sanity.

Bringing Back the Dead: A Look at the Early Days of Science and Medicine

Every modern medical practice was new at one point, including resuscitating victims of drowning.

The Link Between Orange Juice and Healthcare Reform Gives Us All a Cold

“Socialized Medicine” – sounds like something that was said off the cuff on Meet the Press as human speech first emerged at the dawn of mankind. Not quite.

I Know You Love Me — Now Let Me Die

Afraid of “giving up” and not “fighting hard enough” we can become oblivious to true acts of love.

‘Sick Roles’ Past and Present – The Sick Must Act Sick

The fact is that sickness has always been a topic of conversation, and the similarities between us and our early modern contemporaries continues to astonish me.

When Men Need Surgery: How Do You Shop For It?

Shopping for consumer friendly surgery packages shouldn’t be an exercise in futility.

Healthy Men Need Healthy Role Models: Make Your Voice Heard!

Do you have something to say about Men’s Health?

A Man Walks in for a Breast Exam: A Story of Cancer and Gender Bias

What’s worse than sitting in a waiting room anxious for your mammogram results? Being a man who is treated like a joke while waiting anxiously for his mammogram results.

We Need Your Submissions For The Health And Wellness Section!

We care about health at The Good Men Project. Do you have something to say?

A Mans Life Of Tragedy and Depression: It Doesn’t Define Him

Chronic depression does not have to define and control us

Men, Aggression, and Disease

Can aggression in men lead to disease and inhibit recovery from life-threatening diseases?

Returning To Our Source

In the never-ending search for the next big medical advancement, it’s important to remember that most of the answers come from within ourselves.

What Everyone Gets Wrong About Anti-Vaccine Parents

Dr. Amy Tuteur explains why medical science will never change the minds of anti-vaxxers.