Finding Solace in My Universe

Finding Solace by NASA

Ray Jennings finds comfort in contemplating the big, unanswerable questions.

How to Sit Through Grief

How to Sit by Louise Thayer

Louise Thayer finds a way to stay present through loss without letting grief become overwhelming.

When You’re Worried About What You’re Not Doing, Practice These Four Steps to Attain Inner Peace


We can be dissatisfied with this moment, or practice being satisfied. The secret to serenity is remaining mindful to your present truth.

Rewilding Your Senses with Earth Strength


Can you move the body and still the mind freely in nature? Aren’t you curious?

Owning Your Own Shadow


So many of us go through our lives without ever looking inside and without ever contemplating whether we’re doing the “right” thing. Most of us aren’t willing to look closely at our behavior to see how we fit into society. How did we get to where we are? Do we like ourselves?

10 Mindful Practices to Soothe Chronic Pain

10 Mindful Practics by Mycatkins

Chronic pain can feel hopeless. Kathryn Hogan offers 10 ways you can consciously make yourself feel better.

The Hardest Lesson: Self-Love

the hardest lesson self love photo by syahmir

Bryan Reeves explores what it really means to love yourself everyday.

Unleashing the Tiger

unleasing the tiger

How giving the middle finger to fears of being too big and too loud freed his bodysoul to create authentically.

Adventure, Yoga and Endurance

bike meditation 600

Yoga is the only thing, besides breathing and sleeping, that I’ve done consistently for almost 20 years. My first class with Bryan Kest in Santa Monica 2 decades ago was incredibly challenging, rewarding, and revitalizing, all at the same time. It felt like a physical, spiritual, emotional and mental cleanse all in one session.

7 Steps to Becoming Your Own Guru

7 Steps by Moyan Brenn

Theresa Byrne finally found her groove when she started looking for advice inside herself instead of everywhere else.

Learning to Resist — Four Methods to Regain Your Social Center


Emily Marciel reflects on finding peace in a trending world.

Race to Somewhere: Finding Our Way Through Yoga


Robert Zeitlin shares how he got over his fear and learned a new lesson about stress — from his daughter.

James Connor is the Creator of a New Kind of Superhero

James Connor 1 fix

  An interview with the writer of “The Superyogi Scenario” James Connor is a man with an amazing story. He had a good life and was rich and happy, but decided one day to make a difficult choice. This choice changed the man he is but in a very good way. Through years of self […]

‘The Superyogi Scenario’ Is the Next Evolution in the Superhero Story

Superyogi Scenario 1 fix

  A new book that is unlike any superhero story out there In the last few years superheroes have become very popular. Whether they are in comic books, cartoons, movies or TV Shows it is easy to see this is a growing trend. Most of the time these superheroes have something extraordinary happen to them […]

Patience; the One Virtue You Can’t Have Too Much Of

little boy trying patience

Practicing patience makes you great at 9 other life skills — and might make you happier as well.

Is Your Friday Night Spent Choosing Between Risky Sex or Happiness?


Men, Change The Lens Your Brain is Using, and You Can Change Everything.