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Meditation is Medicine for Heart Health

As a brain doctor and mindfulness teacher, I am here to introduce you to a different type of prescription for heart health: meditation.

3 Simple Meditations to Combat Stress

We’ve all had the experience when we plan something nice for ourselves and life throws us the unexpected. It’s never fun, but we have to learn how to deal with these moments. If you have kids, this happens on a regular basis. Instead of being frustrated that I was interuppted, I have to change my mindset, change my attitude and be okay with the circumstance. Our friend has no idea that she interrupted me. She’s so happy to arrive early and spend more time with my wife and I definitely didn’t want to spoil her excitement.

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The art of focus isn’t in trying to remove the outside world from your mind, but to incorporate the world into it.

How I Moved on From the Death of My Marriage

Chris Forte looked inside with prayer, reading, and meditation before he chose to say goodbye to his 17 year marriage. And when he moved on, he did so with strength.