A Memorial To My Father


Ben Dean shares the memory of his father on this past memorial day, and discusses part of his father’s life that had never been discussed before.

True Patriotism

True Patritotism Macsous:Flickr

We remember those who have fought in wars. Let’s not forget those who fight against war.

Honoring the Rest Who Served

Memorial Day photo by Tim Evanson 2

When most people think of veterans and heroes, they think of men in uniform. But Memorial Day is for the others who served, too.

All Mourners are Created Equal

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Most people equate the end of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” with gay service members being able to serve openly. It also gave something to those left behind.

Looking for Family, Finding Love

love and death photo by Son of Groucho

Josh Magill sets out to find the gravestones of his ancestors, and comes away with the feeling he had found home.

The Snags and Snares of Male Decision Making

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When it seems like whatever decision you make will reinforce a male stereotype or break a male-centric taboo, what’s a man to do?

Looking for a Few Good Men


Poetry editor Charlie Bondhus reflects on what it means to be gay, a poet, and an editor, and what all this means in terms of the Good Men Project’s mission.

Soldier Walks 13 Miles in Full Gear to Honor Fallen Comrade

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Sergent Hille explained, “We have to do our best to continue to remember the ones who paid the ultimate sacrifice for what we have the privilege of doing in this country.”

Memorial Day: Through the Eyes of a Veteran

me and eric

Sean Davis remembers the fallen soldiers he served with and looks ahead to new challenges.

Veterans Urn Project Honors Soldiers with Handcrafted Boxes

tom jones, veterans urn project, woodcrafters club of tampa, memorial day,

In Tampa, a group of woodworkers has organized to craft urns for indigent veterans whose remains would otherwise be relegated to cardboard boxes.

The Memorial Day Mission: Destroying the Strongholds of Low Self-Esteem

Victory Unlimited, men and self esteem, building self esteem, Good Men Project

What about you? What has been the outcome of the wars you’ve been fighting from one year to the next? What have you won and lost? And how have the memories of your battles affected you?

Memorial Day 30 May 1868 / Memorial Day 30 May 2013

memorial day, honoring our vets, honoring military service

What we owe United States veterans of war has changed since the original Decoration Day honoring Civil War dead.

Why I Am Actively Supporting the Boy Scouts


If my greatest sin in the end is that I’ve been too open, too loving, that I’ve drawn the circle of inclusion to large, I’m willing to take that chance.

On Soldiers: Memorial Day 2013 [Video]

Vietnam War, Memorial Day, remembering veterans

The writers who bring the battles home, on the bonds of war.

From Dork to Combat Killer in 14 Weeks

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Matt Crowder looks back at the moment he knew he had to join the U.S. Military—the morning of September 11, 2001—and how that has turned him into the man he is today.

Respecting My Daughter’s Growing Body

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The ways that Ahmed Youssef plays with his daughter are changing as she grows up, and he wonders whether this is really such a good thing.