She Said She Had Heard About Those Shoes

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People Watching on Memorial Day

Why do we get so much joy out of people watching and making up stories?

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How To Honor Soldiers Who Died For No Reason?

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A Memorial To My Father

Ben Dean shares the memory of his father on this past memorial day, and discusses part of his father’s life that had never been discussed before.

Honoring the Rest Who Served

When most people think of veterans and heroes, they think of men in uniform. But Memorial Day is for the others who served, too.

All Mourners are Created Equal

Most people equate the end of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” with gay service members being able to serve openly. It also gave something to those left behind.

Looking for Family, Finding Love

Josh Magill sets out to find the gravestones of his ancestors, and comes away with the feeling he had found home.

The Snags and Snares of Male Decision Making

When it seems like whatever decision you make will reinforce a male stereotype or break a male-centric taboo, what’s a man to do?

True Patriotism: A Reflection on Memorial Day

We remember those who have fought in wars. Let’s not forget those who fight against war.

Looking for a Few Good Men

Poetry editor Charlie Bondhus reflects on what it means to be gay, a poet, and an editor, and what all this means in terms of the Good Men Project’s mission.

Soldier Walks 13 Miles in Full Gear to Honor Fallen Comrade

Sergent Hille explained, “We have to do our best to continue to remember the ones who paid the ultimate sacrifice for what we have the privilege of doing in this country.”