Those Flashbacks: Another Step Toward Healing

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When our healing has taken place, we no longer need those painful reminders. This author shows us how.

Why It’s Not About Them…It’s About You


Triggers. We all have them. What can we do when someone pushes one?

A Daughter in the Garage With Dad: the 5 Things I Learned

Lizgreene main

A daughter cherishes her time with her dad. Her time with her dad too, was in the garage. It was the scene of five of her most important life lessons.

A Daughter in the Garage With Dad: Motor Oil and Smoke

beth garage pic

A daughter cherishes her time with her dad. It was not glamorous. In fact, it smelled of oil and smoke. But, it was with dad.

The Face of Joy


Where does pure joy come from? John Faithful Hamer can tell you.

Why I’m Not Sentimental

Why I'm Not by edkohler

Tim Mousseau explains why he lets go of sentimental stuff and keeps moving forward with his life.

Call for Submissions: Fathers, Do-Overs, and What Matters to Me


Three special topics. We want to hear from you.

The Day a 10-Year Old Held His Dad’s Hand


The act was a simple one. It was an impromptu gesture. But for this dad, it moved his world and awakened his heart with a moment he would savor forever.

A Dad Takes a Moment With the “Measuring Wall” and Discovers Life’s Truths


Mathew Lajoie makes marks on a wall as his kids grow. Recently he stared at the wall and it gave back some profound insights.

Losing My Parents Made Me a Better Father


Tor Constantino shares 4 insights, drawn from the depths of loss, for happier, healthier parenting.

Remember When We…?

sharing memories

Why sharing memories is soul food

How My Husband (and Chinese Takeout) Saved Christmas Eve

chinese takeout

Heather Gray remembers a Christmas Eve that could have been a disaster and turned out to be amazing.

Sporting Goods: An Alternative Gift Guide


A different approach on gift giving for the outdoorsman

A Father, A Son, and Making Up For Lost Time


With the holiday season upon everyone, Joe Rutland takes some time to remember how a once-broken relationship with his dad became one of his greatest gifts.

What Does Fatherhood Look Like? I’ve Never Seen It


Jon Magidsohn wonders if it’s possible to capture fatherhood with a camera.

A Letter To Those We Once Loved


Just because it’s not there now, doesn’t mean it wasn’t real. From James Sama.