Sons Have Found Their Voice in the “For The Love of Men” section

We want to hear the stories of how you bonded with your dad, your special memories and funny moments.

When Does the Pain of Losing Someone Subside?

Losing someone dear is painful. Yet it is possible to find a piece of what has been lost and begin to heal.

Missing Something You Never Had

The plans you made with them are now avoidable memories you’ll never experience.

Childhood Regret and the Girl Who Gave You a Rose

Looking back, Charlie Scatturo realized what he did wrong. If only he had a chance to make it all right.

I’m Sorry I Hurt You For Not Being Perfect

In his newly released book Letters to You, Zareh Zurabyan shares characters that we all know or perhaps, have seen in the mirror.

Will Kids’ Magic Memories of Christmas Live Up to the Ones of Their Dad?

Rick Sanchez’s mother made his Christmases magical. He fears he is failing at doing the same for his kids.

Immigrant Christmas

My earliest Christmas memories were formed in this large old room surrounded by old men wearing wide ties and their stoic grey haired wives.

‘A Christmas Story’ Brings a Mixed Bag of Christmas Memories

Movies reflect the changing roles of men in the 21st century. Here is what our community says about a classic Christmas film.

Memories of a Road Not Taken

Thomas Fiffer remembers a time when life glittered with possibility.

Uber Cab Confessions: A Five Minute Ride

Offering a sigh where a scream would be more appropriate..

My Writing Drought and the Tattoo on My Left Hip

Liz Lazzara recalls a time when she was a blank slate—and all she felt was blank.

Hail and Farewell

We buried him in his blue jeans. A folded American flag and a leather cowboy hat rested on his chest. On his feet were snakeskin boots.

Battling Peter Pan Syndrome

Saying goodbye to my first vehicle has triggered a flare up in my lifelong battle with Peter Pan Syndrome.

My Husband Wants a Man Cave

It took a bolt of lightning to open the door on the hoard of memories that stood between him and his refuge. — My husband and I have been empty-nesters for quite some time now since our son left for college in 2005. About three years ago I converted his room to my office, removing […]

We Are Beautiful Because We Are Scarred

We all have scars lingering with us throughout life.Tim Mousseau believes these permanent marks are what make us beautiful.

Some Things I Remember

Cabot O’Callaghan is all grown up, but his childhood memories still haunt him.