Cherished Mementos


How do you let go of cherished possessions while still holding on to the memories? Leo Babauta has some suggestions.

When It’s Worth Breaking the Rules

Not us. But it could have been.

Most of us live life by rules we set, but sometimes we want to break them. Mike Iamele did just that at a recent wedding weekend.

How We Measure Life And The Secret To Stretching Time


We’ve often been told to hold onto time, but how do we do that? Steve O’Neill shares.

As Tears Go By


Ben Shaberman shares how he became a man who cries. It was a surprise, beginning with a movie and an unexpected connection to his father.

Dreams and Lost Opportunities of My Father


Charles Hale has pictures of his father’s life in the Navy. He wonders how his father felt about things that didn’t happen.

Horsepower Is Not Just for Boys

Big Truck father and daughter

When you grow up with a father who loves horsepower, you learn to love horsepower too. Dixie Gillaspie, on cars, life, and a cool new contest from the Enterprise Exotic Collection. #sponsored

Now That I’m a Dad, My Photos and Videos are Priceless


Now that he has a family, Zach Rosenberg’s passion for photography is more important than ever. YesVideo can help him preserve his family’s memories forever.

The Ties of My Father

The Ties of My Father

Larry Bernstein’s father died seventeen years ago, but his memory lives on in the neckties that were passed down from father to son.

Stir-Fry Love: Cooking with Mom

The Wok

With Mother’s Day approaching, Ryan Chin remembers cooking with his mother as he prepares a meal for his own family in her wok.

A Father’s Long Shadow

long shadow photo by Sharon Mollerus

Author Billy Coffey speaks about the effect his father had on his life, and where it’s brought him now.

A First Love Found Me on Facebook 30 Years Later. What He Confessed Took My Breath Away


What Robin Rice discovered about a brief high school affair made her wonder: How would her life have been different had she known?

9 Millimeters

Bullet photo by Paul L Dineen

Put a hole in a man’s head, even one as small as 9 millimeters and it is amazing how many ghosts can come out. Michael Dorman knows firsthand.

Do Guys Ever Really Get Over The First Girl To Break Their Hearts?

Do men ever really get over "that one"?

She may not be your first love, or the one that got away, but she’s the “her” you can’t forget.

The Question Is…. 50 Years of Perfect Health?


You’ve just retired and your doctor offers you an experimental new drug….

Why Food Traditions Matter: A Story Told In Dumplings


Amy Butcher relates how entire relationships can pivot around something as simple as sticky dough.

Thankful for Every Moment: A Dad’s Video Message for His Two-Year-Old Girl

Thankful for Every Moment: A Dad’s Video Message for His Two-Year-Old Girl

Bill Griepenstroh wanted to capture his love for his young daughter and found a beautiful way to do it.