A Father’s Long Shadow

long shadow photo by Sharon Mollerus

Author Billy Coffey speaks about the effect his father had on his life, and where it’s brought him now.

A First Love Found Me on Facebook 30 Years Later. What He Confessed Took My Breath Away


What Robin Rice discovered about a brief high school affair made her wonder: How would her life have been different had she known?

9 Millimeters

Bullet photo by Paul L Dineen

Put a hole in a man’s head, even one as small as 9 millimeters and it is amazing how many ghosts can come out. Michael Dorman knows firsthand.

Do Guys Ever Really Get Over The First Girl To Break Their Hearts?

Do men ever really get over "that one"?

She may not be your first love, or the one that got away, but she’s the “her” you can’t forget.

The Question Is…. 50 Years of Perfect Health?


You’ve just retired and your doctor offers you an experimental new drug….

Why Food Traditions Matter: A Story Told In Dumplings


Amy Butcher relates how entire relationships can pivot around something as simple as sticky dough.

Thankful for Every Moment: A Dad’s Video Message for His Two-Year-Old Girl

Thankful for Every Moment: A Dad’s Video Message for His Two-Year-Old Girl

Bill Griepenstroh wanted to capture his love for his young daughter and found a beautiful way to do it.

Five Ways to Make the Most of Holiday Memories

Five Ways to Make the Most of Holiday Memories

Mike Reynolds looks back on his Christmas Morning and the five simple rules that helped him enjoy his holiday to the fullest.

4 Ways to Move On After a Break Up

Mending a broken heart image by free grunge textures

Tamara Star knows how difficult it is to crawl out of bed and back into your own skin after a break-up. Here are four specific ways to move on.

The Moments That Real Fatherhood Are Made Of

legos2-by regan76-flickr

The simple moments are the ones that our kids crave the most, and they are also the moments that we dads live for.

A Man’s Place is in the Kitchen

man cooking-by toolmantim-flickr

A man who cooks becomes a permanent part of his children’s lives.

Bad Company Wraps Up 40th Anniversary Tour


Hard rock legends don’t disappoint their adoring crowd.

My Imaginary Life


I am either a hero or a failure in my daydreams, but is the present enough for me?

My Hometown: Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania


While it’s the first time in a hundred years that someone from my family hasn’t lived on our road, my wife and I felt it was time to explore and find a new home.

Purging Home: A Tale of Hush-Puppies, Barbecue and Homos in North Carolina


Some people need to get the hell out of their hometowns and others need to get their hometowns the hell out of them.

Legacy: A Grandfather’s Gift to a Grandson He Never Met


Phillip Le connected with his grandfather through stories, technology, and gung fu. And he is ever grateful for that rich inheritance.