Men, 3 Tips to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence

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Healthy emotional intelligence in relationships can be a difficult challenge for men. Here are some ways to help!

The Myth of the Mute Male

Men do talk about more than just football and beer.

Dillan DiGiovanni grew up with the myth that men don’t talk or share, and has (happily) found it to be untrue.

Empowering Men to Speak Their Truth

Empowering Men to Speak Their Truth

Luisa Otero, a relationship coach to women, is encouraging men to share their emotional lives.

The Emotional IQ of a Man


Dr. Vibe and Co. discuss the emotional intelligence of men

Is Your Man “Choppin’ Onions?” A Color Coded Introduction to Man Crying™

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We support a man crying, but first you have to figure out if he’s actually doing it or not.

I’m Doing This Because I Love You

brotherhood, brotherly love, men expressing love, how do men express love, are men violent, stephen Michell

Stephen Michell knows that being a man means taking action. But what action shows your brother that you love him, and that you’ll miss him when he leaves?

Is Music the Last Sanctioned Outlet for Men to Express Their Emotions?

Sting, men and emotions, men expressing emotions, Randie Shane tollefson

Randie Shane Tollefson discovered that the clearest window into men’s emotional lives may be through their songwriting.

Breaking News: Dudes Have Feelings

Who knew?

Kate Conway wonders: At what point we’re going to decide that men desiring emotional intimacy is no longer newsworthy?

Men Grieving Their Friends


Victoria Noe assumed that asking men to talk about their feelings would be like pulling teeth.