The Lonely Drug: You Know it When You See it

Is it really a lonely drug? Maybe it’s time for a little more research.

This Just In: Men Watch Porn

88% of men, to be specific. And 55% of women. And that’s OK.

Real Men Competing With Porn Stars?

What happens when men’s ideas about sex and intimacy are formed while watching porn?

Philip Werner Talks Vaginas, Nakedness & Body Image

The taboos around our bodies, and around the vagina, in particular, allow shame to flourish. Could embracing the vagina eradicate sexual violence?

The Myth of One-Size-Fits-All Sex

Sexual instruction manuals perpetuate the notion that, despite the apparent diversity of ways to have sex, there’s just one right way for men to be lovers.

My Husband Live-Chats with Porn Girls

Watching porn is one thing. Live -chatting with sex workers is another.

Why We Crave Porn

Although we treat porn as a commodity, it is actually a deeply desired human interaction.

The Utility of Violent Porn

Under what circumstances is it acceptable to simulate non-consensual or violent sex?

Would the Buddha Look at Porn?

Buddhist American Keith Andresen is torn between culture and faith.

Confessions of a Recovered Porn Addict

To prepare myself for writing today I watched some Internet porn.

Pornography Ended My Marriage

Is porn a good thing?

Our Porn, Ourselves

Charlie Glickman maps the sexist anti-porn arguments of radical feminist Robert Jensen.

How to (Not) Become a Male Pornstar

Ever watched porn and thought, ‘I could do this, easy’?

Fear the Towel

What goes down when the towel goes up at male strip clubs?

A Brief History of Porn

Erotic art has existed throughout human history. (Even before the internet.)

A LOLcat Perspective on Purr-nography

Marcat LOLliams iz in ur porn stash, hazzing opinions, taking catnaps, and chasing shiny spots.