10 Ways to Create Meaningful Male Relationships

Men often struggle to make and keep friendships with other men. Though it may require some work, the task is not impossible.

Why Are You So Defensive?

Anyone who has been in a relationship has been asked the question, but what is the answer and how can we change it?

To Me, 20 Years Ago

If James Rigdon could have told himself these things 20 years ago, his life might be different now.

Do You Have a Friend Zone Agenda?

Are you trying to control the “friend zone”? Is that why you’re stuck there? James Rigdon asks you to think about it.

It’s Not Them, It’s You: 20 Years of Hard Relationship Lessons

James Rigdon looks back on twenty years of relationships and hopes it won’t take you as long to learn the lessons he did.

Your Words, Your Pictures, Your Stories

The Good Men Project wants your voice. Here’s a round-up of some of our recent calls for submissions.

Three Myths That Keep Us From Finding Love

How many of these have you heard before? Ken Page has antidotes for these toxic half-truths.

Looking for Love as a Single Gay Dad

After Azul comes out to his wife – it turns out she’s gay too – he learns how to be a single dad. And then he goes to a coming out group.

Make It a GoodMenly Weekend

If you have a few spare minutes, you have time to be part of The Good Men Project. Here’s how.

The 6 Types of Guy Friends You Have [video]

Do you know these guys? Are you one of them?

Want Better Relationships? Travel More

Alex Cequea took a trip around the world, and all he came back with were these practical life lessons.

Seduction Strategies Don’t Lead to Love—These Skills Do

The real skills of dating are about intimacy, not seduction.

How To Love Yourself First

Ken Page has advice for taking the least-honored and most powerful path to self-love.

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Gay Rights? Yes. Gay Kisses? No.

Marriage, family leave, these are gaining acceptance. But what about kissing your boyfriend in public?

A Man Is Not a DIY Project

Me and my vagina cannot change any man. We’ve tried, trust me, and it didn’t work out so hot.