The Best Things About Mid Life

Chris Forte gives himself some advice on how to be a Good Man.

You Cannot Be A Man Without A Little Patience

Does it take patience to be a man today?

When You Realize That Religion Is Just Science with a Cool Story

This is the story of how I went hiking with God, lost him in the woods, and was rescued by a Physicist.

Nadia Bolz-Weber: The Minister to the Misfit Inside You and I

I have a love-hate relationship with Religion… but I am beginning to change my mind, thanks to Pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber.

7 Ways That Jesus Likes to Heal Nasty People

Just mentioning Jesus can get funny looks and rolled eyes. No sermonizing here, just my thoughts along with a few funny bits about healing.

14 Practical Tips for Getting Your Spiritual Groove on Without Having to Sit in a Cave or Visit an Ashram

Master these tricks of the trade and you can skip or taking ayahuasca before your next business meeting.

Inside Male Depression

I have a personal enemy. Many people call him Depression, but I know he’s really a terrorist.

Why It’s So Hard to be a Spiritual Man in Today’s World and What to do About It

Practice doesn’t make perfect. Practice makes permanent.

How God Went Global Via Jonah

The takeaway message of The Book of Jonah is this: my god—the sky god known as Jehovah—is no longer a local god found on Mount Sinai. My god’s going global!

5 Signs That You May Have Spiritual Bling Syndrome and How to Kick the Habit

Is your spiritual practice holding you back instead of opening you to the secrets of the Universe?

Do You Have a Spirit Animal Like James Rodriguez?

Dillan DiGiovanni thinks this little green dude might be the spirit animal of James Rodriguez. Did you hear about the massive insect that landed on the Columbian soccer team’s member, James Rodriguez, right before he took a penalty kick in the game against Brazil? While the internet freaked out about the sheer size of it, according to this […]

Unexpected Sightings: My Emmaus Moment

Rev. Evan Dolive changes a flat tire on a hot day in Texas, meets a stranger, and has a revelation.

Everything You Need to Know About Your Spiritual Awakening

By relating the effects of his own spiritual awakening, Atalwin Pilon offers assurance for those similarly lifting their cloaks and discovering their true identities

Men and Spirituality

What do you believe in?

Can a Manly Man be Spiritual?

Roland Maimonedes views spirituality as empathy, love, uncertainty, and the surrender of power—none of which he had considered particularly manly.

Questioning My Faith

“Even in my most desperate moments, when I was ready to embrace religion, I still couldn’t figure out which one I belonged to.”