I Never Learned to Cry, Until I Watched Kobe’s Last Game

The armor he thought a man must wear created a dam against a river of emotions he’d denied himself all his life.

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Do real men cry? One of the Boys in the Burbs observes

Men Crying: Should We Be Ashamed?

Matthew Rozsa explores an unusual aspect of the question: Why aren’t men supposed to cry?  ___ A funny thing happened on the way to my thirties: I’ve started crying again. This would normally be the part of the editorial in which I’d denounce our culture’s inability to differentiate between masculinity and mindless machismo, followed by a […]

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Man Crying: 10 Ways to Justify Your Leaky Eyeholes

Yes, there is a manly way to cry. Or at least a manly way to to explain why your face is wetter than usual.

What If He Cries?

Men laugh, love, hurt, and experience joy and pain. And yes, men cry.

Thank You For Crying

Lynn Beisner has always felt that grief isolated her from the world. But when Lynn and Pete’s beloved dog died suddenly, she found herself able to cry beside her husband.

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Mainstream acceptance of gay men represents a shift in how we see masculinity.

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The NYPL uploads a video catching Colin Powell in a rare emotional display.

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