When Healing Is Boring: Supporting Support for Men


Reconnection, testimony…boring? These are just some of the ways to describe men’s healing, and Rick Goodwin shows us how.

A Barefoot Soul: 12 Hallmarks of a Sacred Masculine

man in nature

A sacred masculinity rests with those who risk the open-hearted vulnerability of being relational, feeling, and interconnected.

14 Powerful Reasons to Believe in You

boy and paper airplanes

Note to self — You’re more awesome than you think.

How Increasing My Vulnerability Increased My Value

taxi ride

An unwanted connection with a taxi driver reminds Ade Adeniji of the human connection that happens when we allow ourselves to be seen.

7 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Being a Man: Dyllon Charron

being a man

Looking back now, I wish I had a “Guide to Manhood” that told me how hard being a man was…

Healthy Aging for Men Means Making New Friends

male friends

Social isolation contributes to a shorter life span. This kind of friend can be the antidote.

Nice Guys Lead With Their Hearts


The contradictory journey of the nice guy between being who he truly is and becoming attractive.

You’ll Never Miss Any of the Shots that You Don’t Take


At 56, I had an “Aha” moment: When you don’t try to take the shot, you don’t win – you lose.

Why You Can’t Find an Awesome, Sexy Woman to Love—Advice for Men

Why You Cant by Jody Frost

Kathryn Hogan shares a secret: pursuing a limited ‘type’ of woman is sabotaging your chance at real love.

There’s Only One Secret to Great Sex, Unlearn Everything


Sex gives us a chance to absorb new information, as we devote ourselves to our partner’s innermost needs.

I’m Not Cool, I’m a Dad!


While recalling the glories of life before becoming a father, Bryan Alkire, aka ‘kzoodad’, realizes what is the coolest thing of all.

Shouldering Our Burdens: The Weight We Shouldn’t Carry

alley man

A man’s true strength comes in his ability to know what weight needs carrying, and what weight needs letting go.

Guys, Can You Please Stop Calling It Your Junk?

Junk by Mike Burns

Karen Jones wants to raise the bar for how guys talk about what they’ve got down below.

9 Meditations of a Divorced Man

Meditations by Vinoth Chandar

Jordan Kozey takes us into the mind of man finding his way post-marriage.

Numbness and How to Not Feel It

Numbness, Dale Thomas Vaughn

It sounds oxymoronic, but not feeling numbness is the key to unlocking success in health, wealth, and relationships… so why is it so hard for manly men to feel?

Got the Entrepreneurial Itch? Five Tips for Fulfilling your Dreams

Man on a mountain

For entrepreneur Patrick Whaley, a life-threatening gunshot wound wasn’t a setback. It served as motivation to fulfill his longtime dream.