How to Say Hello to a Woman

How to Say Hello by Robbie Sherrard

Comedian Robbie Sherrard maps out the protocol for every type of meet and greet situation.

I’m a Dad. So Why Do People Call Me ‘Mrs.’?

Grant and Family

Dads can lean in too. Grant Schneider explains.

Healing And Repatriation For The Incarcerated


A day dedicated to men should be celebrated by all men.

Men Aren’t Stupid and Women Aren’t Crazy

Men aren't stupid

If we want men to stop playing the “crazy” card and expect women to stop implying that men are stupid, we have to relinquish the power we’ve held in our respective gender roles.

I’m An MRA-Bashing Feminist — But Because I’m a Man, Trolls Leave Me Alone


No one has ever threatened violence against me, or said I was too ugly to rape. Why? Male privilege.

Are You Leading a Life of Quiet, Screaming Desperation?


Why the immortal words of Henry David Thoreau are even more applicable now than 150 years ago when they were written.

Fundamentalism, Chaos, or Integration—Take Your Pick


Will we raise boys with the capacity to achieve harmony and integration—at the center of the river—or will we raise our boys to either reject new ideas (rigidity) or destroy anything that upsets them (chaos)?

For Anti-Sex Work Writers, Sex Sells


Put a picture of sex workers on your article, tell everyone how disgusting it is, and watch the punters click.

Talking Men: A Deep Dive Into What Men Really Feel

Talking Men by Duncan Alldridge

A group of men got together on International Men’s Day in London to talk about … men.

3 Surprising Reasons You Should Talk to Your Man About His Sexual Stamina


Bob Schwenkler on why it’s so important to talk about sexual stamina… and how to bring the topic up in a safe way that actually deepens trust.

10 Things Good Men Should Never Do in a Relationship


You deserve at least this much.

How to Triumph Over the Practice of Procrastination


David Asbury offers a step-by-step way to get past your procrastination. Don’t put it off until later.

You’re the Boss and You’re an Idiot

yelling boss

6 tips on how to NOT be “that guy” when you’re the man in charge.

How Men And Women Experience Jealousy Differently, and Why

unhappy guy with a girl

The “green monster’s” evolutionary purpose explains a lot about why we experience emotional jealousy.

The Death of “Men’s” Clothing

male fashion model

Fashion informs culture, and Edward Langdon says the Gender Blend fashion trend indicates a promise of equality and acceptance of all genders.

Wisdom of the Ages on How to Be a “Good” Man

father and son knights

If the criteria for being a “good” man seems to be a moving target, go back about 1800 years and you’ll find nothing much has changed.