5 Things Men Won’t Tell You About Sex (But You Need To Know)


After Paris fashion week gave men’s private parts a big reveal, maybe it’s time for all dudes to start being more honest.

Dangling Testicle Signals Doom for the Universe


While Ben Shaberman is not a big believer in signs, this recent one got this attention.

Keep Your Power – Ditch the Pain

aching back

In order to step up your game, forget those painful beliefs about “manning-up” and “pushing-through”.

Because Men Don’t Fit Into Molds

Batman Man

Modern Equality shows what superheroes and icons would look like if they were real. Like, really real.

Resolution Challenge: Eat MORE in 2014

Eat more greens.

You read that right. Dillan DiGiovanni is challenging you to EAT MORE in 2014.

10 Things Your Massage Therapist Wants You to Know

man first time massage, do men get massages, getting a massage, massage etiquette, what men ask about massage, massage therapist tips

If you’ve never had a massage before, you might be worried about how your body will respond and appear to the therapist. Kate Bartolotta’s advice is to relax.

Artist Celebrates the Strength and Grace of Men

Erich Schiffman, portraits yoga, Robert Sturman, yoga art, Good Men Project, masculinity, men of yoga

Robert Sturman’s collection of hand-altered Polaroids captures the spirit of peace and strength in masculinity.

I Like That My Ex-Wife’s Boyfriend Is Hairy


Why another man’s back hair makes me happy.

Plastic Surgery: It’s Not Just for Women Anymore


More men are having liposuction, Botox injections, laser hair removal, and other cosmetic procedures.

Body Modification: 9/29


An exploration of circumcision, tattoos, and other permanent, deliberate modifications of the male form.

Our Bodies, Our Choices: Circumcision is Not a Joke

Our bodies Our choices

Tom Gualtieri of The Weeklings believes men should advocate for choice when it comes to their bodies.

Poll: Men, Are You Afraid of Growing Old?

Happy Old Man

Do men worry about aging the same way that women do?

Cancer: 8/18


Survivors wanted: men’s stories of cancer.