Who Is In Your Rowboat?

Rowing Guys 588

Imagine you have a rowboat with room for about 6 other guys – You need 6 other guys who you can count on. Who is in your rowboat?

20 Lessons From My Men’s Group That Have Improved My Life

Photo by Eric Beteille of www.pedestrianphotographer.com

Sweaty Eye Syndrome is okay, “courage” is a chameleon, and even Badasses make mistakes.

How to Not Be Alone – Have Man Friends

Photo by Eric Beteille of www.pedestrianphotographer.com

We’ve found that men directly influence each other by the gift or denial of respect.

2 NYC Workshops by Atalwin Pilon of Basic Goodness and The Good Men Project: March 16 & 17


The Good Men Project & Basic Goodness Present: Good Men Keep Their Back Straight (And Their Heart Open) A Workshop For Men (and a Workshop for Women, also)

10 Signs I’m Disconnected From Myself

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Jayson Gaddis knows when he’s disconnected. And knows what to do to connect back again.

“When I was in a men’s group in 1972, I distinctly remember feeling edgy when we would hug.”

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“My son and daughter keep reminding me that things are changing.” The times they are a changin’ (comment and Marco Magnani video cover of Bob Dylan song.)

Guys, Stop Whining


Ken Solin wants men to stop pitying themselves and find a way to move forward.

Act Like a Man

men hugging

In the prequel to Ken Solin’s new book, 700 other men help him realize where he’s been, where he is, and where he wants to be.