There Is a Public Health Issue In the USA That Affects 130,000,000 People


It’s probably not what you think. Chris Anderson explains, and compels us to take action.

5 Foods Men Should Eat to Increase Muscle Strength

5 foods mens should eat photo

Tomatoes, almonds and more. Dr. Josh Axe has the scoop on what foods you should be eating for muscle strength.

Men Have Higher Rates of Skin Cancer, But Women See The Dermatologist More


Joanna Schroeder wants guys to take advantage of the tools at their disposal in helping save their own lives.

10 Reasons Men’s Health May Be Your Best Career Choice

Freedom #2

Now and in the future a career in men’s health offers the full package for job seekers.

Why Men Should Stop Thinking – For Health’s Sake!

the thinker

A mother’s thankfulness for her son’s new habit becomes a plea to all men everywhere.

Is Constant Distraction Killing You Inside?


The need to be constantly connected to technology may be rotting our lives from the inside out. Michael Russer shares 10 action items to help you reclaim your life.

4 Straightforward, No Cost Steps to Stress Relief for Men

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Jed Diamond’s four step system to stress relief can help you lead a happier life.

Men In The Mirror


Joel Schwartzberg counters the stereotypes of what makes a “real man” by compiling a list of the top 25 things men should do in their life.

3 Specific Ways Men Need to Take Better Care of Themselves

Yuri Elkaim

Nutritionist and fitness coach Yuri Elkaim explains the connection between unhealthy choices and testosterone. Interview by Lauren Lobley.

Surveys Suggest Men Are Just As Insecure About Their Bodies As Women


A new study confirms what we know: That more men than the media typically portrays admit to being anxious and unconfident about their body image.

160,000 Gallons of Life


If you’re waiting to start living your life, John wants to make sure you don’t. Cancer ended up allowing John to be more fully alive than he ever dreamed he could be.

Can Yoga Build a Balanced Man?

Can We Build a Balanced Man? by Sister72/Filckr

Competitive sports might lack an important aspect of overall health and wellness. Enter yoga.

The Problem with Slut-Shaming

doctor office

Women aren’t the only people who are slut-shamed, as Stephen S. Mills found out when he went for a routine (and responsible) health screening.

The Lonely Sex: Why Men Die Sooner and Live Sicker

man alone

Jed Diamond, PhD examines what is making men so sick, and how we can live longer and better.

I am a Male Breast Cancer Survivor


Bret Miller cautions us all. Breast cancer is not prejudiced. It chooses whoever it wants to.

7 Reasons Your Sex Matters When It Comes To Health

gender medicine man doctor

Jed Diamond investigates the ways in which the female and male bodies tend to be medically different, and require different treatments and approaches for the same conditions.