I was Hacked and I Lived to Tell About it!


I was hacked in the fall of 2014. My first clue was my Task Manager was on overdrive. Stressed and sleepless, eventually panic overtook my healthy habits and replaced them with old comfort-junkie habits.

Global Health and Wellbeing: Here is How Your Voice Can be Heard!


Change the face of men’s health by taking the Global health and Wellbeing Survey.

Universal Sperm Bank Would Strike at a Core Human Freedom


Freezing young men’s sperm might remove worries about them fathering children in later life, but do we really want the state routinely meddling in conception?

Are Plastics Making Men Infertile?

A white plastic mannequin hand lit from the upper left side of the image in a store window. Two other palms are visible out of focus in the foreground and background.

Recent research into the health effects of the plastic-making chemicals phthalates has reignited concerns about low sperm counts. But the evidence is far from conclusive.

What Makes Testosterone Levels Drop?

The Testosterone Project Duckface

An interview with Dr. Harry Fisch for The Testosterone Project.

The Testosterone Project. Welcome.

The Testosterone Project. It Begins

The Testosterone Project explores the evolution of masculinity in modern society through a series of interviews with leading thinkers on the topic.

7 Ways to Personal Freedom


We live in a society that programs us to be unhappy. It’s time to take control and free ourselves.

Against the Odds — This Morning DJ is Fighting Cancer for the Third Time

Scott McKenzie on air

He does his chemo while he’s on the air, he treats each day as a gift, and he still plans to kick cancer to the curb.

What Your Doctor Never Told You About Chronic Pain


Pain affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease, and cancer combined.

Could a Transguy Be the Cover of Men’s Health?


The judges are looking for a guy “who is fit and fearless, a doer who gives back and leads by example.” Could that be Aydian Dowling?

GMP on BBC London: Talking Boys, Emotional Toughness and Reduced Life Expectancy


Mark Greene explains why the damaging culture of male emotional toughness results in men’s reduced life expectancy

Diet and Training- Start with WHY


Keep your “why” in front of you all the time.

What No One Told Me about Chronic Pain

chronic pain

The pain is the easiest part.

Your Brain on Pornography


Why are more and more guys quitting the habit?

How Being Better in Bed Can Transform Your Entire Relationship


Bob Schwenkler on how transforming his sexual practice ended up transforming his relationship in some very unexpected ways.

To Stop Not Moving: The Story of a Sick Week


A man who very rarely takes sick days—or weeks—discusses how he recently collapsed from exhaustion.