Instead of Being Neutered, I Decided to Live With Cancer, and it’s F*cking Scary

Luckily, all my blood work and scans have come back clear. The last sonogram of my testicles has shown no new tumor growth, so I can relax for a few months…until the next round of testing.

Shoot First, Progress As A Race Later

This is America. Land of the Free. Home of the Brave. And if you want our guns, you’ll have to come and take them.

4 Ways To Embrace Your Old Man Strength

Fitness in your later years requires you to evolve and establish a different set of goals for continuing a healthy lifestyle.

The Real World: Media, Sports, and Male Body Image

Being physically fit does not make you a good person. Being out of shape does not make you a bad person. There’s no connection between our abs and our morality.

5 Things You MUST Do To Build A Healthy Lifestyle

The fitness industry doesn’t really want you to get fit. Kyle Swetzig tells you why, and what you need to do to establish and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

‘It’s OK to be Scared…’

‘…if we’re in a state of uncertainty and feeling fearful, we should put our hand up and ask for help.’

All His ‘Bro’ Comes from the Flow of the Ocean, You Know

Movember Radio, Mo Bro Jesse Faen talks about his greatest teacher— surfing.

Are Artsy Men Healthier Men?

Science now suggests that creative outlets might be a key to longer, healthier, happier lives.

Adding Fuel To The Furnace

What if growing old isn’t causing men’s health problems? What if the problem is we ignore what happens to our body as we grow older?

How My Chronic Illness Made Me a Better Man

Adversity is inevitable, but it’s how we choose to deal with adversity that determines who we are as people.

My Spouse and I Lived the Stigma of Depression: It Almost Killed Me as it Healed Her

Even as a therapist, I fought the stigma that men should handle everything themselves. I finally got help, narrowly avoiding paying the dearest price.

Men, We Need to Talk

And as a man, I don’t want to burden others, so I say ‘I’m good’ when asked. Here’s why we need to break this unhealthy habit.

Men, Aggression, and Disease

Can aggression in men lead to disease and inhibit recovery from life-threatening diseases?

The Story of My Vasectomy, a Snarky Jingle and Tom Waits

Post-vasectomy haze, I floated, heard myself say: “Do you like Tom Waits? Answer ‘No’ and you’ll go to hell where five strangers will cut your genitals.”

Weight Training Beginners’ Guide for Men Who Want to Move that Belt Back a Notch

So, you have finally joined a gym. Congratulations. You have taken a very important step. Your future self will thank you for this investment. ––– Pretty soon, though, you will realise that you have to actually step into the gym and use the equipment. If you are feeling overwhelmed, don’t know where or how to […]

Could The Quickest Way for Men to Lose Weight be to Stop Dieting?

Tired of dieting? Wellness coach, Jason Gootman, thinks you should stop. And he thinks it will help you lose weight. Find out what he’s talking about.