Men In The Mirror

Joel Schwartzberg counters the stereotypes of what makes a “real man” by compiling a list of the top 25 things men should do in their life.

Five Things Every Self-Respecting Man Over 30 Needs. And 40 He Doesn’t.

Thomas Pluck believes the things a man really needs are all-encompassing and don’t even require money.

NEW STUDY: Macho Advertising Encourages Hyper-Masculinity

Hyper-masculine advertising has been found to encourage men to an “unrealistic and potentially harmful brand of masculinity.”

A Message to Men’s Magazines: I Hate the Word ‘Lifestyle’

The Style Gent knows how good it feels to put on a great suit, but he also knows that what really matters comes from what a man can give to the world.

A Lot Has Changed in Men’s Magazines in 50 Years…And Mostly Not For the Better

Tim O’Connor responds to Amanda Hess’ assertion that today’s men’s magazines sell the image of men as unstable, emotionally-stunted, and sex crazed.

It’s a MAD Era of Humor, Satire, Stupidity and Stupidity

Iconic magazine still relevant as it makes fun of itself and sixty years of pop culture

I’m a Man, Not a Lad

If “lad mags” are correct, my attraction to women is bordering on the unnatural.

Plastic Surgery: It’s Not Just for Women Anymore

More men are having liposuction, Botox injections, laser hair removal, and other cosmetic procedures.

Look At My Pocket Square! Surviving the Scary World of Men’s Style Blogs

When the menswear blogosphere sucks this much, what’s a guy to do?

What Men Are Writing About

A completely unscientific look at what men’s mags are talking about this month.

Why Wouldn’t Beautiful Women Be Funny?

There isn’t “man funny” and “woman funny”—there’s just funny, period. So save the asterisks for Barry Bonds’ homerun records.

Online Men’s Magazines, Ranked by Reading Level

We rounded up the Google reading level results for nine of the Internet’s leading men’s magazines. How’d we stack up?

Striking Out in Style:’s Best Pickup Lines

Behold:’s secrets to romance.

What Magazines Are Men Reading?

“Repeatedly showing me images of semi-naked women will do nothing but make me feel depressed, frustrated, and grubby.”

No Gift Ideas for the Wife? Esquire Suggests a Divorce

“Even if you’re not philandering, chances are good your wife is starting to look up from her tabloids with suspicion.”

A Response to Slate’s DoubleX

Greg Beato’s column about the “new male self-improvement mags” nails traditional men’s titles like GQ and Maxim, but misunderstands what we’re doing at the Good Men Project Magazine.