7 Dangerous Myths about Depression in Men

depressed man

In 2013 men accounted for 80 percent of deaths from suicide. Yet, men seldom seek help for depression.

Follow Your Passions to Make Life Bearable and Find Your True Authentic Self


Naomi Fryers met with Richard McLean (an Australian artist, author and PhD candidate who lives with schizophrenia) and from it came vast knowledge shared by someone with a breadth of lived experiences.

Remembering Robin Williams: If You are Depressed, GET HELP!


Robin Williams died on August 11th, 2014. It affected me deeply—it was a catalyst which pushed me taking my mental health seriously.

Fathers, Anxiety, and Depression


Can Father’s Day begin a day of healing for fathers and sons?

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others


Why judge yourself based on other people if they have no idea who you really are?

Beyondblue Report: Masculinity Stereotypes Key in Men’s Mental Health


Chances are, every single one of us, at least once in our lives has been told, told another, or heard the phrases ‘man up’, ‘stop being a pussy’ or ‘don’t be such a girl’.

Choose Your Input


Choose what goes into your ears carefully, your peace of mind is at stake