What the Movie ‘Spotlight’ Says About the Future of Journalism

The movie about the pedophile priest scandal underscores that investigative journalism and making an impact is what really matters.

Cable News: It’s All the Rage

Or should we say, it’s all about the rage?

The Strange Case of Rod Covlin

Reflecting on Rod Covlin; the man who killed his wife before traumatizing and using his daughter to get rich.

About Ben Carson’s ‘No’ to a Muslim President

Jessicah Lahitou looks at the role of the media and culture as a context for Ben Carson’s anti-Muslim remarks. — On Sunday, Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson stated he “would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation.” In a post for Monday’s Atlantic website, Ta-Nehisi Coates summed up many people’s feelings […]

Jon Stewart, Young Adults, and the Sanitized Classroom

What made Jon Stewart, and moreover The Daily Show, trustworthy and compelling to young adults?

Getting Old Just Got Awesome: Sex Gets Better After 50 Years Of Marriage

A new paper says married sex after 50 is a serious upgrade from the 20-something hot-but-confusing dating malaise.

Anderson Cooper: How a Story on Mindful Living Transformed His Life

Anderson Cooper is a darling of the American media, known for his compassion in covering tragic stories and now known for his daily mindfulness meditation.

Phys Ed Teacher Filmed Dragging Student Into Pool

Student films physical education teacher dragging high school student to swimming pool.

The Fear Mongers

Dwight Gray brings home the ISIS beheading of journalist James Foley, and does so in a way that challenges cliche and oversimplification.

‘Sup With Brogamats, Brah?

Army guys doing yoga? Burrito yoga bags? Here’s the inside scoop on Brogamats.

War is What We are Used to

Imagine a world without the conflict between Israel and Palestine. What would the news do without this war?

In Memory of Joep Lange, AIDS Research Hero, Who Was Killed Aboard MH17

Every life lost aboard MH17 was a huge blow to humanity. Here, we remember one of the great names in the race to prevent and cure AIDS, Dr. Joep Lange.

Ruth Ginsburg’s Hobby Lobby Dissent… As Song!

Jonathan Mann grabbed his guitar and beautifully captured a passage from Justice Ruth Ginsburg’s 35-page dissent of the recent Hobby Lobby decision.