“Men: Your experience is not valid…women describe how gender effects you.”

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This comment by Daran on the post This Infograph About Privilege Made My Day

The Scarlet Isle: The Politics of Male Sex Work in Ireland


Male sex workers have been ignored in the Irish prostitution debate.

The Problem of “Men’s Rights” and Child Support


So-called Men’s Rights groups think of child support as a charge women impose on men. Edwin Lyngar’s experience didn’t resemble their ideas at all.

Introducing Canada’s New Centre for Men and Families

Canada Flag

The Canadian Association for Equality has launched its latest initiative for men in Toronto last month. Who are they, what is it, and why should we care?

The Lying Fiction of a War on Men

Military Pic for GMP

Reforming gender: We’re all in this together.

When Bad Men Do Good Things

Katherine Sandoz, when bad men do good things, evil that men do, men's rights

Can people be so tainted that even when they do a good deed, it somehow isn’t?

It’s Time to Stop Discriminating Against Men (and Women)

Emergency Sexist

Have you ever met someone who complains about sex discrimination against one gender and then supports sex discrimination when it’s the other way around? Our International Men’s Movement editor Glen Poole shares some personal experiences of sexism in surprising places.

Easy Targets: The Top 10 in April on The Good Life

science, progress, nature, human species, life on Earth, empowerment, self actualization, relationships, love, peace

Brought to you by the people who make aiming high, look easy.

Waging Peace in the Battle of the Campus

Waging Peace

Two men from opposing sides in the debate about a men’s issues group at the University of Toronto come together to wage peace. Find out how they got on…

We’ve Got To Learn To Talk About Men

international men's movement

People who think differently about men and boys need space to learn how to speak with each other, says our International Men’s Movement editor, Glen Poole.

Binary Arguments and the Judgement of Solomon

Judgement of Solomon rafael

Binary arguments are the crack cocaine of human interactions. They are conversation killers and they serve only the interests of those who want to block co-operation and progress.

Why Do Men Need Male-Only Groups on Campus?

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At universities around the world, men’s groups are banned.

Join the International Men’s Movement Today

International men’s movement, glen poole, men and boys, men’s health, boys’ education, male suicide, male role models, crime and violence, men’s rights, fathers’ rights, feminism

A global call to action from Glen Poole, the Good Men Project’s new international men’s movement editor.

Its Time for a Rocking Men’s Rights/Feminism Mashup


I ask myself, what is the value in aligning myself with men’s rights AND feminism? Answer: Because I can.

The F-Word for Black Men

The Good Men Project, black men feminism, black history month, black women in history, women celebrated in black history

Introducing a new weekly column on The Good Life by popular contributor “Dr. Bill” Johnson II on black masculinity. This week, he addresses people with common values, separated by a word.

Why I’m Proud to Be a Men’s Rights Feminist


While many of us are building bridges across the gulf that exists between men and women, zealots continue to demand that we all pick a side and fight.