The Game of Divorce

I lost the Game of Divorce in a big way. Not because I didn’t play. And not because I didn’t ask for what I thought was “in the best interest of the kids” and FAIR. I lost because that’s the way the game is stacked against the fathers today.

The Non-Rational Divorce

Divorce law is biased in favor of the mom. The minute she says, “I’m considering a divorce,” the man’s livelihood and balance of power is stripped away by the courts and my the formerly loving spouse.

On the Curious Dialectic of the Men’s Rights Movement

Jeremy Brunger deconstructs the Men’s Rights Movement, piece by twisted piece.

Migrant Labor, High Risk Behaviours, and HIV Awareness: A Bangladeshi Story

Raad Rahman explores the difficulty in fighting HIV among South Asian migrant workers.

The Plight of the Basement Dweller

Basement dwellers. Trolls. We’re all familiar with this personality type: Matthew Rozsa offers an explanation as to why they exist in the first place.

The Men of “Girls”

Tillie Adelson describes how the most recent season of “Girls” actually has a lot to say to men.

The Sentencing Gap: Why are Men More Likely to Go to Prison?

Men are statistically more likely to go to prison than women for the same crime. Feminists and Men’s Rights Activists alike should be outraged.

When They Laughed at Rape…

Matthew Rozsa discusses how an off-hand observation during a speech illustrated an important point about rape culture.

21 Advocates for Men and Boys Who Don’t Hate Women

Believe it or not, there are people out there who support women while sticking up for men. Christopher Anderson lists 21 of them.

Want to Understand Men? Read This

Thomas Fiffer breaks the code to reveal what really makes men tick.

So Near Yet So Far: the Agony of Post-Divorce, Part-Time Parenting

My kids still have two loving parents, but we’re playing our roles alone—on an imbalanced schedule made without much input from me.

How to Feel Like a Man

Some boys grow up and never quite feel like men. The Art of Manliness says you feel like a man when you start acting like one and offers some manly advice on how to begin.

Backlash Politics and the Men’s Rights Movement

Raoul Wieland examines the history of feminism and men’s rights, and wonders how valid men’s backlash politics really are.

An Open Letter to All Men and Women about Gender Equality

Is our focus really on gender equality? Or tipping the balance in the direction we desire?

A Shockingly Simple Way to Stop Stereotyping Men

Stereotypes are damaging to both men and women. Thomas Fiffer offers a simple way to stop, reframe, and rethink some of the assumptions we make about men. And it works the other way, too.

The Terms of My Surrender: Our Divorce Papers

I was asked to sign the Terms of Surrender without being given the full story of custody and child support.