Robin Williams and Mental Health Stigma


Mental illness. Physical illness. Why do we react to and treat them so differently? And what harm does that do?

Here’s What Really Causes Social Anxiety (And What to do About it)


Most people become socially anxious in their teens. Are you still reacting to it, or trying to prevent it?

Presidential Candidates on Virginia Shooting and What To Do Next


Training more people nationwide to recognize the signs of mental illness is important and could prevent future tragedies.

The Male Face of a Mental Breakdown

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I had been manning up and powering through things for years. I thought I could live the rest of my life without having to actually face the horror of the past. I was foolish.

If Suicide were a Person


Quentin Lucas describes his past relationship with suicide.

My Own Struggle With Panic Attacks

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Dr. Margaret Rutherford never thought she’d have to accept this part of herself. Here’s how she did.

Quiet Leader: The Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome GMP - Adam Levine

Sean Swaby writes about his experience with the Imposter Syndrome.

Beautiful Disaster: Responding to the 7 Reasons Why We’re Drawn to the Damaged Person

Quentin Lucas discusses attractions to the damaged person, as a damaged person.

Quentin Lucas discusses attractions to the damaged person, as a damaged person.

Beating Depression, One Breath, One Step, One Moment, One Feeling

When all is lost, making the choice for “just one more” can make all the difference.

Men and the Resting A**hole Face: Smiley Face Not Required


Sean Swaby admits that he isn’t always happy. His confession may result in a flurry of people telling him to smile, recommendations for antidepressants or offers of food to make him feel better.

From Depression to Recovery to Mental Health Advocacy

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  “Trust in your ability to recover. Be relentless in your efforts towards reaching it. Fight depression with as many people as you can get on your side,” Joshua Beharry urges. Alison Tedford speaks with the courageous man behind these inspiring words about recovering from depression. Joshua Beharry attempted to end his own life one […]

5 Ways to Make Life a Little Easier for Your Socially Anxious Friend

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Just being there for them is a pretty good start.