Why Do I Write? Because I Must.


“I think they voices are my own, different parts of my conscious and subconscious mind…”

Failure—What’s in a Word?

8294498558_57ac1a63fd_z (1)

Raoul Wieland takes a long, hard look at failure’s negative associations and how they hinder success.

Organized Gang-Stalking: Yes, It’s a Thing and It’s Dangerous

bully victim

Gang Stalking is pervasive and can leave victims emotionally debilitated or worse. How to survive.

Verve of Anarchy: When Delusion’s Attack


I know who you are now. What you did. I never knew what you were dealing with until today.

When ‘Smile’ is the Worst Thing to Say

forced smile

Mental illness is everywhere and touches virtually everyone. How can you be part of the solution?

How I Lost and Found My Stepson … and Myself


Before ending his addiction, Brian Whitney could only pretend to be a husband and stepdad. He lost his marriage, but he’s recovered his family.

4 Soothing Truths About Intrusive Thoughts


Those thoughts we all have that come out of nowhere? Colin Thurston reassures us they’re a lot less threatening than we think.

Mental Health is a Global Issue


Here’s how neuroscience can cross international boundaries

Art to End The Stigma Of Mental Illness

WikimediaKulture Online

Outsider art can refashion how we think about mental illness.

Reflections of a Mental Health Care Intern

reflections by hiking artist

Ariel Gordon shares some insights from her work in mental health care.

Talking About Mental Health With Your Kids

Talking about by time to change

The mental health talk is as important as the sex talk, but many parents still avoid it.

A Chance Encounter With Lifelong Repercussions

A Chance Encounter by Anders Ljungberg

Shawn Henfling tells the story of a man whose spontaneous confession changed his life.

Surprising Facts About the Psychological and Emotional Abuse of Children

Surprising Facts by DNews

Most psychological and emotional abuse of children goes unseen and unmentioned, but its impact has lasting consequences.

Goodness Concealed in the Ordinary

concleaed love

The story of how an adoptee became the center-piece of our everyday life.

‘I Can’t Breathe, Either': Former NBA Player Speaks Out On Racism, Police Killings Through Prism of Mental Health

AP royce-white

Royce White, on his own anxiety disorder and the links between police killings, institutional racism, and our nation’s failure to address and treat mental illness.

To Anyone Struggling With Depression

woman candle darkness

If you, or someone you know, is in the dark, lonely world that depression takes you to, please read this. You will get through this.