What I Never Expected When I Disclosed My HIV Status

I lost everything within a day of disclosing my HIV Status.

Fire Your Guns

Quentin Lucas has a thought about guns in America.

Supporting Your Son Through Depression

By responding appropriately to your son’s depression, you will give him the strength to take the first step in treating his depression.

Are You An Angry Man?

Anger is a natural human emotion. It’s what we do with it that makes all the difference.

Is Time Really Speeding Up or Are We Just Out of Control?

Three techniques to manage the increased pace of workplace life, and keep your sanity while doing it.

Tackling The Stigma: Sports Can Help Change Perceptions Of Mental Illness

Lance Franklin has been ruled out of a qualifying final due to a mental health condition. This article takes a look at how his story helps highlight the stigma surrounding mental illness.

Why Vulnerable People In Police Custody Desperately Need More Support

Under pressure to confess? Ian Cummins explains how the current framework for the questioning of individuals in police custody is majorly flawed.

A Force for Good: The Powerful Partnership Between Mental Health and Pop Culture

New York Comic Con Panelists discuss how mental health and pop culture can partner for good.

How Prisons Abuse People with Mental Illness: This Is Crazy

Criminalizing mentally ill people often results in horrific, barbaric inhumane treatment we simply can’t abide anymore.

Suicide Through the Cracks: the One the System Missed

This is what suicide looks like, when you would do anything to make the pain go away.

Want To Be a Better Man? Get Into Therapy

Work out your sh*t like you work out your body and watch unemployment, divorce and suicide rates plummet.

I Am a Failure and Proud of It

Tommy Maloney failed in a big way, a good way, and a way that taught him everything he needed to know to be a successful father.

I Think Of Suicide Like You Think Of Changing Jobs

Thinking often of suicide doesn’t make you suicidal.  Letting it plant roots in your mind is what pushes you over the edge. — I consider suicide. I write that in the present tense because that is the reality of my existence. I consider ending my own life. It’s not an every day occurrence, but the […]

Working With Men With Mental Illness: An Invite

Jed Diamond has been working with families afflicted with mental illness for 50 years. He invites you to join him in this crusade to support those who face this battle every day.

Robin Williams and Mental Health Stigma

Mental illness. Physical illness. Why do we react to and treat them so differently? And what harm does that do?