A Tale of Two Tragedies


Paul Blest on two heartwrenching tragedies and what we can learn from them.

10 Things I Wish People Knew About Depression


Depression is a word many people throw around carelessly, but when used in its clinical sense it describes a debilitating, gut-wrenching illness.

5 Things People With Depression Can do to Stop Being Stigmatised

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In today’s mental health climate, there is arguably no hotter topic than stigma.

“Can Proper Drug for ADHD/ADD = Raising Quality of Life?”


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America, Please Stop Drugging Your Children


America has a drug problem, especially when it comes to “medicating” our kids. Please watch this video for the sake of our children.

A Message From A Man, To Women Who’ve Been Raped

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Danny Baker has a message for women everywhere.

Misophonia: The Terror of Listening to My Son Eat

Misophonia: The Terror of Listening to My Son Eat

Zach Rosenberg didn’t know why he’d get irrationally angry while listening to his family eating until he learned that his reaction was being triggered by a very real neurological condition

Those Bloody Refugees


Geoff Ahern, a mental health clinician in Australia, couldn’t sleep. Here’s the powerful story of an asylum seeker that kept him awake, and yet another reason why we must spread love to all we meet.

Five Ways Nature Restores Our Mental Health

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Why living in nature keeps us happy.

Preventing Our Deadliest Relationship Mistake

Preventing Our Deadliest by brianac37

If you want to maintain a healthy relationship, learn to stop managing your partner’s emotions.

How Much Does a Glass Of Water Weigh?

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Hint: It’s Not What You Think

“Sometimes we are our own worst enemies with an internal critic…determined to make ourselves feel bad.”


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How an Obsessive Drive for Perfection Led One Man to Inner Peace

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Daniel Parmeggiani shares how his neurosis for perfection led him to discover his true innocent nature.

If a Single Film Could Change the Way We Raise Boys, It Might Just Be This One

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For many boys across America, living up to male stereotypes, burying emotions and feeling alone is the norm. “The Mask You Live In” is trying to crush this problem by confronting it head on.

Why Single Moms of Boys Need to Get Serious About Their Mental and Emotional Health

Single moms of boys emotional health

Boys who have been exposed to emotionally sound women will likely feel more confident relating to other women in their lives.

Should You Date a Person with a Mental Illness?

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Having suffered from depression himself, Danny Bakers knows the truth is that it’s not always a good idea to date someone with a mental illness.