Men Need to Heal Childhood Pain to Find Adult Love and Happiness

We can find more love as adults by healing painful childhood memories that prevent us from fully experiencing love.

9 Things You Can Do if Adult ADHD has Friended You

Do you wonder if you have Adult ADHD? This post is for you. Here is your opportunity to laugh, cry and be moved to take action.

Meditation and My Mental Health

Mentally healthy or healthily mental? Nick Ward talks physical and mental wellness.

My Journey Into Panic – 5 Lessons Learned from 6 Years with Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety attacks effect more people than you realize, and as hard as it is to believe, you shouldn’t let them scare you.

Why are Deaths from Drug Overdose and Suicide Among White Males on the Rise?

Drug deaths are on the rise, and understanding who they affect and why is key to fixing the problem.

Teenagers, We Want You To Know That Nobody Has It All Figured Out

Comedian and Podcaster Paul Gilmartin shares 15 tips for teenagers and the adults who love them.

I Wanted To Die: What I Learned That Will Change Your Life

Craig Lewis, author of the Better Days Recovery Workbook tells what he learned from his extreme moments.

There are no Borders with Cancer: Nor Should There be with Research

February 4 is World Cancer Day – a day that will sadly have meaning for almost everyone.

We Should Talk about Paternal Bonding

Fathers need to be bond with their babies and that means becoming very physically involved at the earliest opportunity.

You Don’t Really Know Who I Am: Fighting the Stigma of Depression

Men struggle with revealing their depression or hurt. Dr. Margaret Rutherford explains.

The Biology of Leaving Church

Leaving church is more than walking away from something. It’s walking away from someone. That’s why we feel it so deeply, good or bad.

Mental Health and Wellness: A Call For Submissions

Is this you? Your voice does not need to be muffled, we need your voice in the GMP Health and Wellness section.

Depression Will Make You A Better Human Being

Listening to depression has changed my life

Mindfulness and Disability: How Meditation can Improve Quality of Life

Using mindfulness as a tool to help individuals with disabilities deal with anger can lead to a better quality of life.

Changing the Narrative: Mental Health Solutions and the Black Community

Dr. Larry J. Walker examines why it is crucial that we have a discussion about mental health illness within the black community.

Answering the Question: “How do I Find my Purpose in Life”?

Chris Forte explores the existential question of our role in life.