Four Ways Depression Drove Me to be a Better Dad

Make no mistake, depression is a terrible disease. Yet as a dad knowing what you’re dealing with you can use it as a learning experience.

Listen: I Don’t Care if You’re a Burden. If You Need Help, Ask for it.

I’m done — I mean, really, really finished — with the attitude that having a mental illness makes us a burden.

Royce White: Mental Health is One of the Most Important Conversations for Society Today

Michael Kasdan talks to Royce White about the importance of accelerating the conversation about mental health—in the NBA and beyond.

Depression and the Personal Politics of Blame

Sean Swaby has found that blame is toxic and dangerous, just like gasoline.

Breaking The Link

How the language of video games can be used to understand mental illness and find new strength in the (lifelong) struggle to recover.

Poetry as Practice in the Preservation of Life

Creativity can be a support for men when their life starts to fall apart.

Mental Health: Call For Submissions

We want to hear about what you have learned from your mental illness, how it is making you a better man.

My Mental Illness Pisses Me Off

I’m pissed off about having a mental illness. ___ People living with mental illness share many common traits. In the advocacy world, we share many of them openly. We discuss the symptoms of the illness, the uncertainty, the fear, and we share ways that people with mental illness can receive better treatment, better services, more […]

Mental Illness is a Gun Violence Scapegoat

In the Gun Violence vs. Mental Illness debate, the facts are all that matter.

Changing a Label: Schizophrenia

For Steve Colori, the labels that accompany his schizoaffective disorder don’t just bring struggle and pain. They make him a new man.

Wayne Brady: Laughing at Depression

Depression is not funny, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer!

The Importance of Living Small

Being a Big Man is about the Small Things ___ Tiny events. Small, minor stories. Events add up. Decisions matter. Do you want to make your days profound? I wrote about this in my journal the other day, “I try to make my day profound. I want it marked with excellence, exuberance and the etchings of […]

4 Reasons I Am Not Ashamed of My Suicidal Thoughts

After a failed suicide attempt, Keola Birano realized he needed to embrace his suicidal thoughts. — I feel my world collapsing on me as I stare at a bottle of pain killers. My hands shake uncontrollably as the voices within beg for the pain to end. I grab my pills and try to muster up the courage to take them […]

What’s the Link Between Insomnia and Mental Illness?

Sleep problems can also create a loop of mental illness.

Getting Better: Exposure Work with Disclosing a Diagnosis

Steve Colori reflects on a conversation with his doctor, and how it weaved into the plan to disclose his diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder to the outside world.

My Teenage Son (Who Has Bipolar Disorder) is My Mentor

Liza Long looks to her son as a mentor. ___ In the third week of September 16 years ago, I met my second son for the first time. A difficult pregnancy with preterm labor and several long, tedious weeks of bed rest concluded anticlimactically with an apparently healthy baby born on his due date, a […]