Can You Have a Healthy Relationship with Someone Coping with PTSD?

Writer Heidi Hanson shares her personal journey defining and coping with PSTD within her relationship. — Note: This is a three part article based on my personal experience as someone recovering from PTSD. Much of it is theoretical, however it is material I consider worth being studied in a scientific manner at some point in […]

Inside the Mind: Overcoming the Stigmas and Stereotypes of Schizoaffective Disorder

Through his struggles of living with mental illness, Steve Colori has broken the chains that have held him down for so long. Erin Kelly shares her thoughts on his new memoir.

The Cost of Abandoning Mentally Ill

Ariel Gordon describes a harrowing personal experience – and how America’s horrendous policies toward the mentally ill are to blame.

Depression: 5 Things Your Partner Needs You To Know

If your partner has depression, I can’t lie and say getting through it is going to be easy. But I’ve now got the gift of hindsight, and there are a few things I wish my wife had known from the start.

I Tried to Evict My Mental Illness, But Now We Are Friends

Mental illness can be defined with just seven words. Be careful, because the words you choose will speak for you.

Call For Submissions: Men, Mental Health and Stigma

Many men fear that bringing their suffering to light will serve only to emasculate them. Let’s break the stigma.

Isolation Is A Killer. Asking For Help Is All We Can Do

Shawn Henfling speaks about his own battle with depression and an actionable plan for helping others

A Mans Life Of Tragedy and Depression: It Doesn’t Define Him

Chronic depression does not have to define and control us

Tell Me I’m Anything But Depressed!

Adult men are often the same. Their depression doesn’t always manifest as crying, lying in bed, or other stereotypical symptoms of depression. Very often their spouses don’t even recognize the depression. I frequently hear about partners who view low energy as laziness and decreased sex drive as dissatisfaction with the relationship.

Can A Broken Man Overcome His Greatest Fear

I battle a disease that has no physical ailment, no test and no proven cure.

Matthew Ajibade Didn’t Have to Die. Neither Did the Others

Having mental health issues should not increase your chances of dying a violent death at the hands of police. But the statistics show that it does.

5 Tips For Dating if You Have Mental Illness

Talk about it.

Is The Voice In Your Head A Jerk? Mine Is.

You know that voice you hear that says “attaboy!” in your head? Mine is a Jerk.

What the Oregon Shooter’s Manifesto Tells Us About the Dangers of Toxic Masculinity

This form of masculinity has failed us. It doesn’t produce men; it produces anger, rage, and pain. It teaches us that the only way to be a man is to aspire to be the worst in us. We can do better. We can be better.

Self Loathing and My Remarkable Mind

Julianne Leow has reached some startling self realizations. An epiphany of the mind may be just what the doctor ordered.

All the Things We Never Knew: Chasing the Chaos of Mental Illness

Jesse Kornbluth shares the interview with Sheila Hamilton, and discusses the suicide of her late husband.