Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved. Mentor

Get Up, Get Into It Get Involved Mentor

Mentors and mentoring is not the silver bullet, but it is a bullet that we must put in the chamber to combat the pre-school to prison pipeline for African-American males.

#GMPChat: Men and Mentoring

#GMPChat on Twitter

Join us on Wednesday 9pm Est for our weekly #GMPChat on Twitter! This week’s topic is Men and Mentoring.

How Can Women Help with the Male Mentoring Process?


Real tips on how women can help males with mentor shortages.

Why I Took My Baby to #MillionsMarchSF


Brandon Greene wanted to make sure that his tiny son did not miss this moment in their shared history.

The Time Traveler

Innocent Sparks

Randy Ellison spends a week at a camp for young boys that have experienced abuse.

What’s In a Role Model?

Kids and coaches

Sami Jankins suggests it’s time we start reexamining the qualities that make up who we want as today’s role models

Why I Needed To Become A Big Brother


LeRon Barton thought that boys needed to be toughened up, until he started mentoring one. My mother had always told me when I was younger, “If you’re not helping out, then you are not doing anything,” and that had stuck with me for a long time. From volunteering in soup kitchens, tutoring people in computer […]

Man-to-Man with NFL Running Back Rashad Jennings of the New York Giants


“There’s nothing special about me, I’m just in a special position.” —Rashad Jennings

Finding a Mentor Matters For Young Men, But Formalizing the Relationship Matters Most

mentor, mentee, advisement

My experiences taught me not only how powerful mentoring is but how wrong we generally tend to view mentoring in our personal and professional lives.

Teaching Your Son to Value Friendship


You can’t choose your son’s friends, but you can do something even more vital: you can choose your own! Are the friends you have the kind of friends you would like your son to have?

Mentoring is Love: Love is Power

Mentoring is Love

Ben Palmer shares how the practice of mentoring is an act of love. To selflessly devote yourself to the investment and support of another human is love.

Mentoring: A Social Investment in Boys (Video)

Power of mentoring

Chris Emdin and Edmund Adjapong share about the power of mentorship and how a personal commitment in a boy’s future can make a difference in his life.

Dear American Men: We Need a Plan to Teach Boys How to be Good Men

Dear American Men

Matthew Branch has a call to action for American men: Offer boys the opportunity to witness you demonstrating the qualities of a gentlemen, the duties of a good father, and a man’s responsibilities to his community.

Where Men are Needed and Fathers are Few

BLI Meeting (2011-12-15) (376)

Almost half of children in the United States don’t know what a father even is, Jose Aviles is looking to change that from the inside out.