How Guys Can Unlock Their Amazing Potential With a Mentor

Nothing is more important than your freedom. Can a mentor get you there faster?

The Lost Art of Mentorship

Sometimes you don’t even realize you are being mentored – or mentoring others.

Call for Submissions: Tell Us About The Boss

No – not Bruce Springsteen, although we love him too. This Call for Submission is about the boss that signs your paycheck.

Why Guys Need Allies Instead of Drinking Buddies

How many $6 beers have you literally pissed away with drinking buddies, when what you really need is an ally who actually cares about you and supports your direction in life?

Take the Whole Bird: 3 Lessons Learned From the Dog Stealing the Thanksgiving Turkey

Know what you want, go for it, always appreciate your wins. Most of all, don’t settle for scraps.

How Happily Ever After Holds Us Back From Our Dreams

The Happily-Ever-After routine has ruined our idea of successful relationships because it has ruined our ideas of success.

Unconscious Bias and the School to Prison Pipeline

We Must Look Inside Ourselves for Unconscious Bias that Punishes Unfairly in Schools

The Good Men Leave Behind

On the first day of her first job, Sandi Marx met her boss, Stephen. He left an impression that remains more than 30 years later.

How I Ask For Help (And Usually Get It)

I AM HUMAN. First, I start with this. I am not some hero out of Greek or Hollywood mythology. I am a man with flaws (and strengths) and I need a hand sometimes to get through this ridiculous existence.

Could a Thoughtful Mentor be the Game Changer in Male/Female Relationships?

In under 72 hours, three people, completely unrelated to each other, informed Rebecca Wissink on the importance of having a mentor.

My Dad, a River Race, and Me: A Lesson in What it Means to Be a Man

James Fell didn’t get a lot of time with his dad, but one day paddling together in a river race taught him what kind of man he wanted to be.

I Got Called An ‘Intellectual’ -  Should I Be Worried?

It never occurred to me that there was a name for being curious and liking books.

Motivating Millenials in Seven Easy Ways

Kyle Luetters looks for ways to bring non-millenials and millenials together in the workplace. It’s easier than it sounds.

A Letter to Michael Brown (We’re All Too Late)

“I apologize to you, Michael, and to the many who have come before you…It’s the responsibility of every black man that survived this phase to look out for each other.”

Fortune Cookie Advice: “Dive Into the Well of Grief”

Boysen Hodgson from the ManKind Project stops into The Empowered Life with some awesome fortune cookie advice for men

Grown Men Need Mentorship Too

Mentorship is Time Travel. Your future is blurry? Ask a mentor to look into their past with 20/20 hindsight.