Motivating Millenials in Seven Easy Ways

millenials in business

Kyle Luetters looks for ways to bring non-millenials and millenials together in the workplace. It’s easier than it sounds.

A Letter to Michael Brown (We’re All Too Late)


“I apologize to you, Michael, and to the many who have come before you…It’s the responsibility of every black man that survived this phase to look out for each other.”

Fortune Cookie Advice: “Dive Into the Well of Grief”

empowered life

Boysen Hodgson from the ManKind Project stops into The Empowered Life with some awesome fortune cookie advice for men

Grown Men Need Mentorship Too

Lincoln Mentorship Quote

Mentorship is Time Travel. Your future is blurry? Ask a mentor to look into their past with 20/20 hindsight.

An Invaluable Professor Makes it Easy to Ask Questions

Raise your hand  hectorir:Flcikr

First year student meets first year professor. The results last for life.

Can You Manage the College Man?

Can You Manage College Man photo by Proscsilas Moscas

Aaron W. Voyles looks at the lens through which we view our work with men.

The Challenge of Male Mentorship

Challenge of Male Mentorship photo by Emsiproduction

Aaron W. Voyles looks at the impact of men’s mentorship.

Becoming a Beard Mentor

Becoming Beard Mentor photo by giammi

Aaron W. Voyles looks at bearding tips and bonding for college men.

The Warrior Poet and the Apprentice


Erin Kelly reflects on her unexpected arrival at The Good Men Project, and how Cameron Conaway changed her life with one e-mail.

VIDEO: The 2 Times Each Day When Habit-Forming is Easiest

Video: How to build habits, the easy way, everyday… with Dale Thomas Vaughn

Honoring Black Male Teachers on Father’s Day


Kenny Lattimore asks us to think a moment about the value of teachers in our kids’ lives, particularly for their impact upon young black boys.

Hope Costs $10.31


Charles Orlando took a few moments of his day to sit down with a man in need to discuss abuse, homelessness and addiction. And a bit about tough love.

5 Things Entrepreneurs Need That Money Can’t Buy

to do-Courtney Dirks-flickr

Make sure you’ve crossed these five things off the to-do list before approaching venture capitalist, applying for a business loan or crowd-sourcing funds.