After 50 Years, I Sent Back My College Fraternity Pin

“I felt better after purging my memory of the sham and false brotherhood.”

We Got Our Jobs Done. Even As The Business Was Crumbling Around Us.

Merv Kaufman realized that in business, adversity is what you work through, not quit on.

Having a Big Body Part Has Haunted Me Forever

It was only Merv Kaufman stopped caring that the self-consciousness and self-loathing finally vanished.

OUTPLACEMENT (It’s Not Like Having Your Balls Cut Off, Maybe Just Nicked a Bit)

One Man’s Journey Through the Forced March of Outplacement

Do You Have to be Tall to Make it in Business?

For men, height may still be a factor when career-making jobs are on the line. Merv Kaufman tells his story.

“The Clock is Dick-Dick-Dicking”

Merv Kaufman reviews Thomas Mallon’s novel “Watergate.”

I Was Haunted By Fear That I’d Never Wake Up

Merv Kaufman confronts his worst fear while lying on a gurney.

Turkish Baths and the Bedroom

The Turkish bath is a legendary form of therapy. No surprise, then, that it leaves some with satisfying sexual side effects.

Why Suicide?

Haunted by his father’s death when he was only 10, Eric Marcus produced a book that answers every imaginable question about suicide.