Was Harry Reems a Hero or a Chump?

Harry Reems AP 660 (440x247)

The male star of Deep Throat was paid little, used by porn hustlers and then dumped.

My Beemer Is 40—I Hope Someone’s Giving It Good Care!

Merv's car

“That wondrous car, despite its flaws and failures, has always been in my heart”, writes Merv Kaufman.

From Alzheimer’s, With Love


One man explains how Alzheimer’s disease came to overtake his wife and reconcile his marriage.

A Daughter and a Daughter-In-Law


As a parent, you learn to let your kid become his or her own person. But what if, in rolling with the punches, you’re hit with something unexpected?

The Hooker Who Looked Like My Mom

Photo by Alyssa L Miller

A hot night, a chance encounter and a woman with a winning smile that a grandmother might bestow on a doting grandchild.

For F**k’s Sake


Foul language isn’t used to develop character. It’s dropped in to remind viewers that they’re privileged to be watching cable TV.

Rising to the Occasion: When ‘It’ Happens at a Massage


Mervyn Kaufman overcomes a lifelong fear of embarrassment—and finally treats himself to a (nearly disastrous) massage.

Hi, Doc. You’re Fired

Mervyn Kaufman had high blood pressure, but only in the presence of his doctor.

Buying a Car 101

How to avoid going home with a car you’ll end up wanting to drive off a cliff.