Dude Dad Death Metal Lullaby: Mom vs. Dad

This week, Dude Dad Vlogger Taylor Calmus takes on his wife for the funniest lullaby duet/challenge we’ve ever seen.

My “Career” as a Rock Star

Aaron W. Voyles reflects on how commitment created opportunities for what he loves.

Truffol iPhone Cases Are an Extension of You. Just like Your iPhone.

Truffol iPhone cases—You’ll love them almost as much as your iPhone.

How to Use an Umbrella

Josh Bowman is spending the next couple of weeks offering tips on how to do basic activities (you’re welcome). Today: using an umbrella. Ella. Ella. Eh. Eh. Eh.

Music: The Perfect Chord from @darrylzero: Sepultura

The Perfect Chord returns, going international with Sepultura’s “Roorback” and “Revolusongs.”

Techonology: Don’t Tase Me From Over There, Bro!

The Maul is a semi-automatic shotgun that SHOOTS tasers.

Technology: Gaming Going Green … Sort of

The Metal Gear Solid and Zone of the Enders collections will be available for download directly from the Xbox Live Marketplace.