5 Negative Habits That Can Destroy Your Relationship


Which ones are you doing?

10 Reasons Men’s Health May Be Your Best Career Choice

Freedom #2

Now and in the future a career in men’s health offers the full package for job seekers.

The Wonder of Boys


The MOON magazine’s issue on why they need physicality, and how they emote, plus fiction, poetry and quotes, all about boys.

Let’s Make This the Decade of the Boy

decade of boys

Michael Gurian shares how President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative is an essential alliance for a White House Council for Boys.

If I Were a Parent of a Boy…

If I were the parent of a boy photo by kellyB

Michael Gurian believes we are in denial about boys and men—and what is needed is systematic changes to meet the needs of both genders.

How To Size A Condom

toilet paper roll resized

Andrew Smiler shares some simple tips about how to find your correct condom size.

Why Men, Young and Old, Need a Rite of Passage to Relearn About Manhood


Alan Bishop believes rites of passage are important so that men can connect with other men and gain a sense of community that is being lost. Do you agree? What do you think a rite of passage into manhood should look like?

We Owe Our Sons What We’ve Given Our Daughters

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Mark Sherman says that it’s time to give our sons the same attention and support we began giving our daughters 20 years ago.

Save Our Sons’ Emotional Intelligence: What Dads Can Do NOW!

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We abandon our sons to a cultural narrative that says, “Don’t show your emotions or you will be defined as weak.” It’s time that changed.

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In Defense of Boys


Dorothy Dimitre thinks that much of what troubles men comes from how we think about boys.

The Single Biggest Obstacle Facing Boys and Men Today

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When men let someone else define manhood for them, instead of using their own intelligence and being the true author of their own life, they end up buying the culture’s narrow version of masculinity without question.

Why Boys Are Failing in an Educational System Stacked Against Them

photo by wwworks

Lori Day looks to find solutions in education that take into account the differences between boys and girls.