Why Michael Moore Gets on My Nerves

What has Michael Moore done to the documentary genre?

Trolling Liberals For Fun And Profit

A recent Fox News clip on street harassment shows the perverse incentives in the conservative media at work.

The Blurred Lines of Socially Acceptable Male Nudity

Kevin Macku has a theory: is male nudity or cross-dress socially acceptable if the man is wearing a cowboy hat?

Oscar-Nominated Palistinian Film-Maker Detained by Immigration

Even with the official Oscars nomination and invitations, immigration officials didn’t believe that a Palestinian farmer had been nominated for an Academy Award.

Why We Fail at Keeping Resolutions

Joanna Schroeder examines evidence that New Year’s resolutions are doomed to fail—and ponders how to succeed at making meaningful change.

Shame and Violence: The Connecticut School Shooting and Hate

Tragedy comes from repressed shame, not from being too permissive with people.

A War is a War is a War. Or is it?

Brandon Ferdig wants to give conditional, not unilateral, support for the troops. And he wonders if that’s okay.

The Real Goldman

A senior banker at Goldman quit today and wrote a NYT oped revealing all. As a former employee and client I have a few things to add.

“I think the bigger issue here is not what young men watch for entertainments sake, but the way they are taught to resolve conflict and express pain.”

This comment is by Dan on the post “Acts of Valor and Acts of Violence”.

“…then we wonder why kids get the message that killing is ok sometimes, and that Bad People deserve to die.”

This comment is by Dan on the post Act of Valor and Acts of Violence.

10 Men With the Capacity to Change the World

Despite reports to the contrary, there actually are some men out there bettering themselves and the world we live in.

The King’s (Non-Controversial, Non-Political) Speech

Isn’t it curious that at this year’s Academy Awards, only one winner used the opportunity to share his political views or make a bold statement?