Crying Makes a Man Feel Whole

crying, manhood, emotions, emotionality, authenticity, vulnerability

Tears of joy, disappointment, love, or loss–all add texture to man’s being.

How Voters Think, Obamacare Edition


One Michigan women shows how irrational voters can be.

A Month of Thankfulness: The Wind

santa anas

Joanna Schroeder explains the glorious drama and sensual joy of standing in the middle of a swirling wind.

My Hometown by Default: A Life Spent in Culture Shock


Life as a missionary kid left Nate Owens without a hometown and longing for stability, bouncing between small Midwest towns and countries overseas.

Abusive Coaches Aren’t Just Men


Despite stereotypes, abuse of student athletes comes from both genders.

Eyes Devour


Deanna Ogle reflects on grief, David Rakoff, and fireworks.

Man Saves Baby With Turkey Baster

man saves baby with turkey baster

One man’s quick thinking, and a common kitchen tool, saved a baby girl’s life.

A Rogue’s Gallery – Selling Off Detroit


Toby Barlow says his solution for the Detroit debt crisis won’t even involve writing a check.

High School Senior Shot in Head Walks at His Graduation to the Surprise of His Classmates

senior hero

“I just want to thank God! It is great to be alive,” said Balaal Hollings.

Michigan Will Not Return Fugitive to Arkansas

lester stiggers

A Michigan Governor has once again refused to send an elderly fugitive back to prison in Arkansas.

Planting Ancient Tree Clones for Earth Day


A nonprofit group plans to reforest the planet with clones of the most ancient and iconic trees.

RAW STORY: Michigan Republican Doubles Down: Same-Sex Marriage Will ‘Ruin This Society’

Dave Agema

David Agema, one of the two Republican National Committeemen from Michigan, on Monday continued to voice his opposition to same sex marriage and the LGBT lifestyle.

2013 Men’s NCAA Bracket Predictions (If selected via the “notable alumni” sections from USA Today)


In Jim Jividen’s celebrity alumni version of this year’s NCAA Tournament, playwright Arthur Miller and actor James Earl Jones take on Joe Montana in a championship game for the ages.

Emergency Manager Appointed to Detroit

kevyn orr

Bankruptcy expert Kevyn Orr will have 18 months to save Detroit from financial ruin.

Kid Rock and Operation FINALLY HOME Surprise Wounded Warrior With New Home (VIDEO)

kid rock (588x390)

A surprise visit from the recording artist accompanies a new house for Sgt. Davin Dumar.

Helping Detroit, One Glass of Lemonade at a Time

lemonade stand (550x415) (450x340)

Joshua Smith wants to help his city get out of debt.