Hey Guys: Are You Unhappy With Life?

A mid-life crisis is a thing, it really is, and it can be devastating to deal with.

25 Things to Do By the Time You’re 25

Facing your quarter-life crisis or in your early 20’s? Here are 25 awesome things to do by the time you’re 25.

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500 Years of the Model Man

The trap of the man box could be leading to higher male suicide rates. But one thing is sure, the historical concept of masculinity is always changing.

Male Menopause or Mid-Life Crisis?

Dr. Bill Cloke asks us what we’re thinking about when it comes to aging and love – and subsequently, how those thoughts affect the rest of society.

Book Excerpt: “Man Up” by Jimmy West

Man Up by Jordan West

Lee is a man in his mid-forties the all-to-familiar mid-life crisis, caught in an intense internal struggle over whether to leave his ill wife and two kids, or leave.

Nothing to Prove: On Being a 40-Year-Old Man

Kendall Ruth knew he had nothing to prove. But he forgot the lesson. Here’s how he relearned it.

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Why I’m Quitting Drinking in 2013

I’ve finally realized I’m no longer ‘one of the lads’ but a ‘binge drinking father figure.’

Lost in the Wilderness

Destinations are the goal, but often getting lost is what the journey is all about.

How Erik Got His Groove Back

White-knuckling his way through sobriety was burning him out, until Erik Christian returned to his youthful creative passions.

Inoculated Against Mid-Life Crisis

Successful resolution of a life stage builds resistance against ensuing crises.

A Modern Day Hero’s Journey Is What Today’s Boy Needs to Become a Man

The entire reason we have such a thing as a quarter life crisis, and later a mid-life crisis, is because boys and young men lack meaningful rite-of-passage experiences.


“‘I used to play a good person,’ Leo said. ‘I’m afraid I’ve been typecast.’” By Dallas Hudgens