Blind Love for Black Gold

How you drive matters. Jonathan Levy on how to be sustainable with oil.

Does Blending Into the Community Speak Directly?

When our political discussions turn to foreign policy, the Middle East almost instinctively moves to the forefront of contention.

The Shia-Sunni Schism is about Politics, Not about Islam

The history Shia-Sunni tensions is not at all what the media would have you think.

The West’s Crafty Men: The Hopes And Fears Of The Arab World

Hajaya, a Beaudin poet, takes on politics and protest through poetry. Here’s how it’s shaping the Arab community.

The 5 Hidden Factors in the Paris Killings No One Wants to Talk About

Looking at the facts of this terrible tragedy and the ones before it might just provide us the insight we need to prevent future attacks.

Human Biases Hold Key To Solving Both Europe’s Refugee Crisis And Climate Change

People don’t want refugees for the same reason they reject climate change.

Soul Searching in the Midst of Terrorism

The belief we are above hellish circumstances, until hate detonates a hairs-width from our sanctity is insulting and inane. Suddenly we are outraged and hold tight to the perception we have a right to be.

War. What Is It Good For? Still Absolutely Nothing.

Marines who fought at the battle for Fallujah are now wondering if they fought in vain. Which prompts Michael Kasdan to seek an answer to the question of what war is really good for.

Lindsey Graham Is Why The GOP Can’t Have Nice Things

The South Carolina Senator’s recent denunciation of the word “the” shows why policy formation can be so hard in today’s Republican Party.

Different Country, Similar Racism

Julie France reflects on the similarities between the racial tensions in the United States and Israel.

International Politics–Weekly Round Up

Several important political developments are happening around the world.

Malignant Neglect—Foreign Policy In The Middle East

Perpetuating the status quo in the Middle East serves no one’s interests, except the groups that thrive on instability. The cost of not directly dealing with this situation is surpassing the cost of directly doing so.

Republican Fear and Loathing of Iran has International Consequences

The US is just one actor in an important global non-proliferation regime that works towards preventing the spread of nuclear weapons.

Ethical Opposition to the Israeli Regime

An Israeli progressive reflects on the future challenges facing her cause.

Thoughts on Jewish Identity in a Post-Charlie Hebdo World

Matthew Rozsa explores the divided politics of the American Jewish community.

the short autobiography of a lay

Jeremy Brunger takes us to a Middle Eastern market and beyond in this lush poem of male desire.