Technology + The Struggling Male Student = Academic Kryptonite

If technology amplifies behaviors, writes Jessicah Lahitou, what about boys who are already struggling in school? — During my last year as a teacher before moving abroad, I worked at a suburban Texas high school teaching 10th Grade Pre-AP and 11th Grade English. My Pre-AP classes were predictably alert, astute, polite, responsible, timely with their […]

Preparing Our Sons for College…The Middle School Years

Connie K. Grier offer parents of middle school boys tips on how to prepare their sons for college.

Can Excessive Cursing in the Media Actually Make Our Kids Meaner?

Tor Constantino shares research that links excessive cursing in the media with aggression in kids.

Boy Meets Girl, Girl Meets Harassment, Boy Meets Lawsuit

Middle and high school age boys are behaving badly. Make an effort to steer yours in the right direction.

How I Made My Son the Hated Kid

Tommy Maloney gave his son Connor a bad rep at school. But he’s an awesome dad. How can that be?

Why is School an Important Step in a Boy’s Life?

Without a good education, life can be tough once a boy becomes a man. Jay Snook provides personal insight on succeeding through education.

Education Call for Submissions

Introducing The Good Men Project’s newly appointed education editor, Christian M. Lyons, and his call for submissions.

Everybody Wants to Fit In. Everybody Wants to Stand Out.

Aaron W. Voyles looks at the social navigation needed to become a man.

We Have a Middle Schooler—Losing My Son to Life

The battle against time: Josh Magill talks about watching his son grow up.

What Are the 10 Questions to Ask Your Sons Once the Superhero Cape Comes Off?

After our sons grow past the superhero phase, are we having conversations to help them with their new identity or leaving them alone to figure it out?

Love and Middle School

Nick Florest realizes that telling a middle-schooler to “get over it” when his heart is broken is not the soundest of advice.

I Want to Be an Astronaut

Carl Bosch wants his students to find the things they love and go after them.

Stargazing with Kristen

Carmelo Vallone reflects on losing his first love to homicide and why he can’t talk about the Trayvon Martin verdict.

Boys, A Remembrance

Sara SM is an eleventh grade student who always believed that a “Magical Boyfriend Fairy” would come along some day and bring her a boyfriend. She’s about to grow up very fast.

New Guidelines Propose Change in Science Education

Changes could be on the way for science classes across the nation with the release of the Next Generation Science Standards.

Everyday Things You Never Knew Had Names (Video)

Do you know what a “zarf” is? How about a “lunule”?