We Have a Middle Schooler—Losing My Son to Life


The battle against time: Josh Magill talks about watching his son grow up.

What Are the 10 Questions to Ask Your Sons Once the Superhero Cape Comes Off?


After our sons grow past the superhero phase, are we having conversations to help them with their new identity or leaving them alone to figure it out?

Love and Middle School

photo by snre

Nick Florest realizes that telling a middle-schooler to “get over it” when his heart is broken is not the soundest of advice.

I Want to Be an Astronaut


Carl Bosch wants his students to find the things they love and go after them.

Stargazing with Kristen


Carmelo Vallone reflects on losing his first love to homicide and why he can’t talk about the Trayvon Martin verdict.

Boys, A Remembrance

The Magical Boyfriend Fairy

Sara SM is an eleventh grade student who always believed that a “Magical Boyfriend Fairy” would come along some day and bring her a boyfriend. She’s about to grow up very fast.

New Guidelines Propose Change in Science Education


Changes could be on the way for science classes across the nation with the release of the Next Generation Science Standards.

Everyday Things You Never Knew Had Names (Video)


Do you know what a “zarf” is? How about a “lunule”?

“Now, I’m getting my MFA in Poetry and it might be because Tupac made poetry okay.”


This is a comment by Christian Coleman on the post “The Battle For Gay Rights is a Wrestling Match Over Masculine Identity”.

Graduation Honesty

middle school graduate adjusting tassel on mortarboard

By the time you’re in high school, your childhood is behind you, and your current performance is a powerful predictor of adult success.

55 Years in School: Changing Guard


Carl Bosch contemplates the school kids of the upcoming generation that he won’t know.

Panoramic Pupils


Sleepy students huddling together for a group photo have no idea just how close to their futures they really are.

Can a Teacher Get One Last Snow Day?

snow storm

Carl Bosch probably shouldn’t be admitting this, but he wants school to get cancelled.

High School Should Be for Everyone


As his students head toward high school, Carl Bosch wants them all to recognize the opportunities they’ll have.

The Thing About Holiday Concerts


Carl Bosch attended his last Holiday Concert, and, well, it was glorious.

I Have Taught 3,625 Students


Carl Bosch can wish extravagant success for his former students, but all he can hope for is basic goodness.