For Midterms, Democrats Need To Find The Anger Vein

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Charles Ellison has had enough of the “dissatisfaction poll”. He wants to see results of an “anger poll”.

NYC Mayor de Blasio Rips Corporate Welfare, Champions a Living Wage

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A higher minimum wage will mean more money in the pockets of workers which builds a thriving economy.

Whatever You Do, Don’t Call It Bickering


The word “bickering” is one of the most overused terms in the lexicon of the political media.

Here’s Where People are Working to Raise the Minimum Wage Without Congress

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Congress hasn’t budged on raising the minimum wage, but that doesn’t mean workers aren’t getting pay increases.

“argument looks a lot like…’Let the market decide!’ the battle cry of the priviliged, wealthy…”

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This comment by Daniel on the post The Right Way To Approach Raising the Minimum Wage

The Right Way To Approach Raising the Minimum Wage


Raising the minimum wage, far from being a comprehensive solution, is at best a temporary fix to a much more fundamental problem.

Raising the Minimum Wage to $10.10 Could Lift Nearly 5 Million Out of Poverty

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A higher minimum wage would also erase half of the uptick in poverty created by the recession.

13 States Overcome Republican Obstruction, Will Raise Their Minimum Wage in 2014


While Republicans have been busy the past 4 years in the US House of Representatives, state governments have been busy drafting legislation that would raise the minimum wage above the Federal minimum of $7.25.

New Study: Raising Minimum Wage to $10.10 Would Create Jobs, Grow Economy by $22 Billion


A new analysis points out that a raise in the minimum wage would boost the economy and provide relief for the the working poor.

Economic Disparity: When Is Enough, Enough?


Professor Warren Blumenfeld believes we aren’t challenging inequity nearly enough. Here’s his call for us to do so.

Will 2014 Be The Year Of The Minimum Wage?


All signs point to the minimum wage being a major issue in 2014.

Fast Food Strikes Will Hit 100 Cities on Thursday


According to the New York Times, fast food workers are planning a one day strike in 100 cities on Thursday to demand a raise in pay.

Minimum Wage, Minimum Life

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Busting myths about who will benefit from raising the minimum wage.

Income Inequality in America

income inequality

According to Chris Hicke, the biggest issue in the country is a symptom of cultural trends.

Don’t Worry Fast Food Executives, We’ll Pay Your Bills


Half of fast food workers rely on public assistance just to get by.

New Study: More American Adults on Minimum Wage than Teenagers

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88 percent of minimum wage workers are above the age of 20. A third are at least 40 years old.