Employer Versus Employee: A Thorough Look of the 21st Century Reality

Treat your customers as good as your employees or else…

I Live My Life, I Just Do This Job

Sean Gentilini shares how sub-par work fits him for now.

Struggling to Make Time as You Struggle to Make a Career

You can’t keep holding out for a dream of success when you don’t know how to be happy today. Here’s now to build a better relationship with your work life.

The Fight for $15 and ‘Entitlement’ Programs – A Millennial’s Perspective

We’re arguing for the right side, but our approach isn’t working.

Fox News: Ban Welfare Babies

The Young Turks break down Fox News’ “logic” on the welfare system.

Call for Submissions: Young Male Poverty

Data suggests that 1 in 5 American young adults, ages 18-34, are living in poverty. We’re looking for stories about the experiences of these millennials.

Keeping Them Poor: The Minimum Wage Debate

Shawn Henfling tells the story of what made him finally understand the problem with current minimum wage laws.

McDonald’s Wage Hike Stems From Evolving Views on Morality, Politics and Economics

The fast-food chain’s surprise decision to lift its workers’ wages stems from a mix of morality, economics and politics.

Rebirth of Progressivism May Breathe New Life in Labor Unions

Rebirth of Progressivism May Breathe New Life in Labor Unions

Walmart’s Pay Raise Highlights How Poor We’ve All Become

Walmart’s pay hike may just be a masterful public relations stunt. Even so, the announcement forced everybody to think about what lower-income workers need to survive.

It’s Time We Revived FDR’s ‘Wages of a Decent Living’

The architect of the New Deal was right when he argued no business that depends on paying less than a meaningful living wage should operate in the US.

John Oliver Debates Minimum Wage. Living Wage Anyone?

The federal minimum wage has not been adjusted since 2009 and does not provide a living wage for full time work. Time to fix it?

Front Door, Back Door, Economic Chasm

The myth of “American Opportunity” versus the reality of extreme economic imbalance in the USA.

What’s the Point in Raising the Minimum Wage?

All sides of the minimum wage argument seem to raise nothing but controversy. What are the facts?

Rand Paul: Poverty Wages are ‘Tough Love People Have to Accept’

Forget about raising the minimum wage. In Rand Paul’s mind, the real solution to putting more money in the pockets of everyday Americans is to give them ‘lower wages.’

For Midterms, Democrats Need To Find The Anger Vein

Charles Ellison has had enough of the “dissatisfaction poll”. He wants to see results of an “anger poll”.