I Paid For This. Where’s My Seat?


Shawn Henfling discusses the disturbing but age-old trend of public funding for private sports venues.

Lou Holtz: On Greatness


College Hall of Fame coach and motivational speaker defines success.

Michele Bachmann Thinks The Gay Community Is A Bunch of “Bullies”


In Michele Bachmann’s America, the LGBTQ community is a mafia.

A Touching Tribute to Zach Sobiech – Video

clouds, choir, t-shirt, shirt, zach, tribute

A choir 5,000 voices strong pays tribute to Zach Sobiech. It is sad and wonderful.

Don’t Wait for the Next Policy Issue to Be an Ally in the Fight for LGBT Equality

BornThisWay Guillaume Paumier 2013_09_30

Timothy Oleksiak wants to point out — It’s not just about policy.

Minnesota Senate Approves Marriage Equality Legislation

minnesota marriage equality

Democratic Senator Vicki Jensen said, “I could never and I would never deny the kind of recognition and all the other positive things I get out of my marriage with my husband, to anyone else.”

Minnesota House Approves Gay Marriage

minnesota gay marriage

Minnesota is set to become the 12th state to adopt marriage equality legislation.

Midwest Opening Up to Gay Marriage

Gay Marriage

Gay marriage moves to the middle of the country as Minnesota and Illinois make moves to legalize it.

A Surprising Job Offer from Mother Teresa

mother teresa 2

Snake Bloomstrand relates how Mother Teresa opened the eyes and heart of Father Bennie.

No Money for Adult Bookstores

immoral businesses, business practices, lending practices, banking, business loans

Should businesses make decisions on moral grounds?

Is Driving a Tank Something You Would Find Liberating, Or Is It Just Too Macho?

tank (588x347)

How much fun would it be to drive an authentic military tank?

Who Says Coaches Can’t Do the Best Locker Room Victory Dances? (Video)


The coach of the Minnesota Golden Gophers brings down the house while celebrating a thrilling victory.

Father Unsettled by Kid Hanging Out with Other White Kids


Son’s First Racial Stirrings Cause Dad to Reflect on his Whiteness

Justice Going to Pot


Our Minnesotan boys in blue have been caught green-handed pulling some peculiar police work.

Can States Outlaw Free Online Education?


Minnesota requires a registration fee, even when courses are offered for free, online. Is this justifiable? Can it be enforced?

Beyond the Two-Party System


The two-party system has bottle-necked democracy. No wonder Chinese people laughed at Brandon Ferdig’s descriptions of American campaigning.