Bias from Multiple Angles: An Idea Called Intersectionality

Bias comes in many different forms, and it doesn’t always add up the way we expect.

The Top LGBT Accomplishments of 2015 — So Far

There were huge ways that LGBT people made gains this year. Alex Temblador counts them out. — January 4, 2015 Austria allows same-sex couples to adopt. January 20, 2015 President Obama uses the word “transgender” in a State of the Union address, the first for any U.S. president. January 21, 2015 Israel now allows transgender […]

New Centers Meeting the Needs of Growing College Student Demographic

Warren Blumenfeld shows the absurdity of a new trend.

The Growing Costs of Fatherhood: How Healthcare Illiteracy Impacts Men

Is the lack of healthcare literacy affecting men’s ability to provide for their families? Brittni Brown examines the statistics.

They want Everyone to Vote, Except You, You and You!

Democracy only works when most people vote and participate. Voting should be encouraged, facilitated, easy, and free from coercion and fraud.

Stigmatization & Violence as Social Control: Fear of the ‘Other’

Dr. Warren Blumenfeld discusses how minority groups in the US live with the constant fear of random and unprovoked violence directed against them simply on account of their social identities.

Asian American Males: Shattering the Stereotype

Nick Ng on why he doesn’t want to be labeled as an “Asian American.”

LGBT People (and Jews): Sochi Before & After

Dr. Warren Blumenfeld on Russia’s LGBT issue and how dominant groups marginalize minorities by creating false and stereotypical caricatures.

Group Memorializes Martin Luther King Jr. Day With Ad Blaming Minority Unemployment on Immigration Reform

One immigration restrictionist group wants unemployed Americans to remember that undocumented immigrants are responsible for high unemployment rates among minorities.

The Blame Game

Mike Sliwa believes blame has replaced responsibility and therefore reinforced dominant points of view.

Fruitvale Station: Four Ways It Reinforced What I Know to Be True

Tim Brown looks at Fruitvale Station through the lens of “That could’ve been me.”

Has the Republican Party Lost its Mind?

Some Republicans are arguing they can win by writing off minority voters. But this would be bad for the GOP and terrible for the country.

Raising a Daughter in 1950s America, Today

Yesterday, America went back in time. What does the Supreme Court decision and the Wendy Davis filibuster mean for the “future”?

Supreme Court Rules Proof of Citizenship Not Required for Voter Registration

The Supreme Court has ruled against an Arizona law that requires voters to provide proof of citizenship in addition to a driver’s license before they can register to vote.

Letting Go of Whitman: ‘Male Violence’ & Practical Empathy

Talking about empathy is great, but doing it can change lives

Know Your Place

Seeing yourself in the bigger picture of oppression.