First Time Father Tributes Son’s Mother—Poetry Slam Style

Dude Dad Taylor Calmus salutes his wife on her first mother’s day.

How Men Can Help Cope with Infertility on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day can be the worst for men and women who deal with infertility.

Missing Something You Never Had

The plans you made with them are now avoidable memories you’ll never experience.

What to Say to Your Wife When She Miscarries

Hold her, listen, and cry because the only thing that can come close to filling the void of that little life she’s missing is your love and your embrace.

How We Decided to Stop Trying to Have Another Baby

How can a happily married couple — yearning for more — know when enough is enough?

LEHR’s Rose: For Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

If you’ve ever lost a child, a pregnancy, or perhaps even the ability to become pregnant in the future, don’t allow others to tell you how or how long you should grieve.

GMP Dad’s Workshop— How to Handle Miscarriages When You are the Dad

Miscarriages happen all the time and they are awful. Dads often stand back feeling powerless, but this can make it a lot worse. Here are four things we can do to support ourselves and our partners through the devastation of miscarriages.

Fatherhood Motivated By Heartache

What motivates Doyin Richards to be the dad he is today? Pain and heartache.

How to Move Through the Grief of a Miscarriage

Talking about a miscarriage is almost taboo – but recovery begins with honest conversation.

From Losing A Baby To Gaining Perspective

Doyin Richards didn’t know how badly he wanted to be a dad until the opportunity was almost taken away from him.

Comment of the Day: “Too often miscarriages are seen as only affecting the mother…”

Prospective fathers are affected by miscarriages, but there is a lack of support for them.

A Dad Talks Openly About a Miscarriage and the Effect It Had on Him

Dads can often be forgotten in the devastation of a miscarriage. One dad shares his experience in hopes of helping other dads going through it.

I Need To Get To Heaven – My Son Needs Me

His son is in heaven, but Andrew Lawes is on a fast-track to hell. His only hope of meeting his son is to be a good man. His first step is to confess his sins.

Masculinity and Miscarriage 

One man’s emotional journey through the preparation for fatherhood, the loss of the child, and the empowerment to bring masculinity into the 21st century.

Miscarriages: A Father’s Perspective

Eric Shapiro went through a miscarriage with his wife. He would like to be able to talk about it.

What My Daughter and Her Sleeping Habits Taught Me About God’s Love

I stood behind the door wanting to fly in with my red cape, but I can’t this time.