Why Are Mommy Bloggers Under Attack—from Within?

“Mommy Blogger” is far from a pejorative term.

Sorry But I Have to Say It: I Am Not Always Cool with ‘Bro Code’

Embed from Getty Images Maybe we can at least find a more elegant way to proclaim our loyalty without calling women ‘hoes.’ ____ Oscar Wilde once wrote that ‘to be popular one must be a mediocrity.’ It’s a clever quip, a cheeky way of saying that to be popular is to be mainstream, i.e. not […]

While GOP Men Attack Wives, Gossip and Hit Below the Belt, Clinton Lays Out a Trump Zinger

She hits him where it hurts — in the ideology. On women who exercise their reproductive rights, “they should be punished,” he said.

HeForShe: Why Men Should Stand up for Women on International Women’s Day and Every Day

Gender equality isn’t just a women’s right, it’s a human right.

What If The Obvious Male-Female Double Standard Wasn’t There?

Why are male students still disrespecting female authority figures? Haven’t we solved the problem of the double standard in society already?

AXE Joins the Conversation: Masculinity In The New Age

After more than a decade of peddling misogyny to sell deodorant, AXE has made a U-turn. Shawn Henfling welcomes them to the new masculinity.

Dear Daddy, a Message From Your Unborn Daughter

Dads, and all of us really, need to think about the world we create out of misogynist humor. Our daughters deserve better.

If Donald Trump Becomes President, it’ll Be Our Fault for Treating Him Like a Celebrity

Jill Di Donato and Matthew Rozsa discuss how Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy has been enabled by America’s obsession with celebrities.

Dad’s Hot Topic: Donald Trump – Not MY Daughters’ President!

In a world where controversial ‘Hot Topics’ are abuzz, Brian Gawlak finds the teachable moments in trending issues.

‘Doesn’t the writer know the friend zone is a serious misogynistic double standard?’

“It’s OK for women to just want to be friends with guys.” This comment is by Christian on the post Relationship Intelligence for Men: Your Simple 12-Step Guide.

John Faithful Hamer Became a Feminist on that Day

We became feminists on that day: in a quiet, dangerous, deeply religious sense: the sense intended by the Psalmist when he angrily declares: “Ye that love the LORD, hate evil.”

Action Bronson and Hip-Hop’s Problem with Misogyny

Why do we accept this kind of extreme violence towards women? And why is it so common in rap and hip hop?

Gone Incognito

Faced with a racist pickup line, the speaker of Jia Oak Baker’s poem chooses playfulness over outrage.

The Boy She Would Have Been

Acting like and being treated “like a man” is almost always culturally prescriptive. Writer Abby Byrd confronts the boy she would have been — If I had been a boy, my parents would have named me “Jeremy.” Trying to imagine myself as the opposite gender is uncomfortable. It’s a mental chasing of my own tail; I […]

How to Drive Gay Dads Nuts: Ask Us “Which One Of You Is the Mother?”

Sean O’Donnell hates the age old question, and he is happy to tell you why.

Anti-Semitism, Caitlyn Jenner, and the Insecure Male

One of the Internet’s most popular Men’s Rights Activists is blaming the positive media coverage of Caitlyn Jenner on the Jews. Yes, you read that correctly.