Coach Says He Won’t Recruit Players Who Take Selfies

Scott Cross, University of Texas-Arlington, Twitter, Selfies

Coach Scott Cross of the University of Texas-Arlington’s men’s basketball team tweeted last night that he is not interested in recruiting players to his program who take selfies.

Late Spring, Dignity


In this sobering poem from Laura McCullough, we get a glimpse at wounded pride and its relationship to misogyny.

Face to Face with Sexism in Brooklyn

unnamed (1)

Nathan Zimmerman decided to confront sexism head-on…and got thrown out of a bar for his trouble.

Is Phil Robertson Afraid of Women?

Robertson AP Photo

Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson’s suggestion to find a 15 year-old bride is more than just gross to think about.

Confusion between “Diverse Opinions” and “Oppressive Characterizations”

TV Duck Dynasty

Professor Warren Blumenfeld on Duck Dynasty, religion and the maintenance of heterosexual male hegemony, privilege, and power.

The Boys’ Club and Sexism in Politics

warren and pelosi

Sexism in politics is not a Republican problem—it’s everybody’s problem.

Rated M for Misogyny


Eric Robillard can find any movie to match his mood, but what he can’t tolerate is violence against women as a form of entertainment

When Men Resent Women

Resentment photo by wheat in your hair

Tommy Threadcraft believes that even though men who resent women are in the minority, it’s helpful to look at the reasons why.

A General Apology to Women Everywhere for Micah Johnson’s Idiotic Tweet


Seriously, ladies. If I could just take a moment and offer a general apology for all of us men. We’re really sorry this guy has been given opposable thumbs.

How to Talk With Your Sons About Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke

Eric Clapp refuses to place the scandal of the VMAs entirely on Miley Cyrus—wasn’t Robin Thicke’s performance just as scandalous?

Angry Boys

Angry Boys photo by bobaliciouslon

Robert Llewelllyn looks back at reasons why he was angry. And why he wasn’t.

Men, We Have a Problem With Online Abuse

online abuse gender

Shouldn’t we be pleased that men who abuse women online are being held to account?

“Two things happened after I read this article.”


Tweet This comment is by KatyD on the post by Noah Brand “Men Must Be Needed Because We Can’t Be Wanted“: Two things happened after I read this article: the first is that I called my husband, who is traveling for work right now, and told him (while bawling my eyes out) that he is […]


photo by zbowling

A second excerpt from Chapter Two in Noah Brand’s and Ozy Franz’s book about masculinity.

The Second Coming of Kanye West


On “Yeezus” the famous egotist owns up to his misogyny, worries endlessly, and finally admits he’s not a perfect man

“The Most Popular Guys on YouTube” Are Cavemen


Gretchen Edwards-Bodmer clicks on a link from YouTube telling her about the “Most Popular Guys” and all she sees are harmful stereotypes.