My Hometown by Default: A Life Spent in Culture Shock


Life as a missionary kid left Nate Owens without a hometown and longing for stability, bouncing between small Midwest towns and countries overseas.

Join “5 Guys Talking” about Men of Action

men who rock, men of action, missionary men, men who help, first responders, men talking, 5 Guys Talking, The Good Men Project, GMP Premium Membership

These guys rock: meet men who take the lead in helping others

Coup d’État

Dominican Republic, puberty, rites of passage, missionaries, youth mission

A missionary growing his first chin hairs comes face to face with revolutionary soldiers in the Dominican Republic.

Simplifying: Living With Less Can Leave Us With More

voluntary simplicity, very small houses, living with less, scaling down, lifestyle, The Good Life, work/life balance, Scott Behson

How a dot-com millionaire and a former missionary family have found greater riches in voluntary simplicity.

Human Trafficking & Abortion: Not the Same Thing, Not Equivalent


The constant link to equate human trafficking with abortion is harmful to the one that’s actually a crime.

The Lotus Keeper: An Excerpt


An excerpt from a novel of sex trafficking and justice in Southeast Asia, by K. R. Dial, advocate of the International Justice Mission.

Sleeping Over


Chris Wiewiora remembers the first morning he woke up next to a woman.