Why It Took Me 19 Years to Meet a Black Man

My first conversation with a black man occurred at the age of 19.

Goodbye, Sancho Panza

Don Quixote’s sidekick comes into his own in this unpredictable poem from Justin Hamm.

15 Leadership Lessons from the SEC Coach of the Year

Lessons learned become lessons to teach. Here are 15 things Mizzou Football Coach Gary Pinkel can teach you.

These Cops Spent a Day Enforcing the Law of Human Kindness

For the people caught in this sting operation by the Kansas City, MO police force, this Christmas will be one they’ll never forget.

What I’ve learned From Ferguson About White Privilege

Growing up next to Ferguson, Sarafina Bianco thought she understood. But she didn’t—until now.

How a Century of Racist Policies Made Ferguson Into a Pocket of Concentrated Despair

“You cannot understand what’s going on with Ferguson today without knowing this history.”

Why did Officer Darren Wilson kill Michael Brown?

We must break the pattern of police brutality and return to the culture and philosophy of “to protect and to serve.”

Six Days in Ferguson: Voices From the Protests

A day-by-day chronology of what happened in Ferguson, drawn from the best reporting by journalists and witnesses on the ground.

Obstruction of a Passageway

The first time Timothy Braun ate pizza and watched movies with his dog in the face of adversity, he wrote an essay on it that made him almost famous. When he did it again, it landed him in jail.

Goodwill Returns WWII Treasure to Family of Veteran

Early last week, a box of World War II medals, awards, and mementos was discovered at a Missouri Goodwill; the owner’s family was overwhelmed to hear that they would be returned home.

Community of Christ Church Considers Allowing Same-Sex Marriage

Church member Art Smith said, “It’s a journey we are all in together and we don’t necessarily all agree, but I think we want to include everybody in our faith journey.”

‘Jesus the Homeless’ Sculpture Causes Controversy

It’s the gaping wounds in the feet that reveal the subject, whose face is draped and barely visible, as Jesus the Homeless.

Gay Man Kicked Out of Partner’s Hospital Room

HeatherN examines the case of the man who was denied access to his partner’s hospital room, despite a joint power of attorney agreement.

High School Band Director Saves More Than 120 Lives

Quick thinking and even quicker action saved the lives of over 100 students and their chaperones.

Federal Judge Rules Public Library Must Unblock “Occult” Websites

ACLU Director of the Program on Freedom of Religion and Belief, Daniel Mach said, “Public libraries should be maximizing the spread of information, not blocking access to viewpoints or religious ideas not shared by the majority.”

United Arab Emirates Donates Millions to Help Rebuild America

Help for a community comes from the most unexpected place.