A Travesty, Manipulation, Un-American & Wrong

Donald Trump supporters have a reason to be angry… and so should all Americans!

Rand Paul Is Already Alienating the GOP Base

The Kentucky Republican is getting into big trouble with his own party by consistently stretching the truth.

Yes Hillary Clinton Is Good At Politics

While no politician is perfect, Hillary Clinton is good enough at politics to be president.

Does Polling For 2016 Even Matter Right Now?

Forget the hype, polls about the 2016 presidential race are basically useless right now.

Mitt Romney Is No Ronald Reagan

Romney’s third run for the presidency bears little resemblance to The Gipper’s three.

Bring On the GOP Brawl

A negative and drawn out campaign won’t damage the Republican nominee for president in 2016.

Don’t Believe The Hype, Mitt Romney Edition

Mitt Romney is not going to be president.

Virginia Gov. McDonnell’s Fall from Grace. Just Desserts?

The man who would be king? (Or at least potential running mate to the man who almost became king) is going to prison and out of public life for good.

U.S. Republicans – Be Careful of al-Maliki’s Mistakes

Survival of the GOP depends on diversity, whether they like it or not.

And Thoreau Shakes His Head at America

If Henry David Thoreau still believes that “Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty,” then he must be awfully disappointed about the current state of America.

For Clues About 2016, Ignore The Polls And Follow CPAC

Polling about the 2016 presidential race doesn’t mean much right now, but that doesn’t mean the invisible primary isn’t going on as we speak.

” If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.”

This comment by Warren Blumenfeld on the post Contributors to Genocide & Holding Corporations Accountable

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and for Now, Don’t Lead: The Troubled Future of Scouting

The gay mother of two scouts is hopeful for change on the 104th anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America

Contributors to Genocide & Holding Corporations Accountable

Dr. Warren Blumenfeld explains the importance of holding corporations responsible for their participation in past atrocities.

Making a Kramer Out of Melissa Harris-Perry

Why the media’s coverage of the Melissa Harris-Perry controversy wrongfully made her into a villain.

Spoiler Alert: It’s On You To Avoid Spoilers – Even For ‘The Walking Dead’

Joanna Schroeder was chastised for posting Walking Dead spoilers on Twitter after the show aired… And she’s none too pleased about it.