The Birth of Fighters Against Child Abuse – Australia


Adam Washbourne on how he used the rising sport of mixed martial arts to create a truly unique child abuse awareness campaign.

Nick Newell and The Anatomy of Perfection


Nick Newell was born with a congenital amputation, and he’s taking the MMA world by storm.

Testosterone in the 21st Century? There’s a Pill for That.


How to hot wire your T levels without breaking the bank.

The End of Contact Sports

the end of contact sports by uscpsc flickr

Can we find a compromise that will protect young and adult athletes from themselves, yet keep our treasured competitions exhilarating?

What I Learned From a Dying Man and His Wife


To Cameron Conaway “being present” is a matter of life and death.

Man-to-Man with Mixed Martial Artist Kenny Florian


Cameron Conaway interviews one of his personal inspirations, retired UFC fighter Kenny Florian.

5 Life Lessons from the Deadlift

dead photo

That metal bar on the ground has a whole lot to teach you, if you listen.

Redemption Shot: Justin Wren’s Path from Drug Addict to Christian Missionary

Justin Final

An inspiring tale of redemption, courage, and human compassion.

The Benefits of Arrogance


Arrogance should not be encouraged, right?

VIDEO: The Gracie Brothers Respond to New Year’s Eve Rape


Ryron and Rener Gracie address possible underlying reasons as to why “the jiu-jitsu community has reached an all-time low.”

[VIDEO] UFC Champ Benson Henderson’s Post-Fight Speech


Benson retained his lightweight title in dominant fashion, but his speech afterwords drew just as much attention.

On the Sexuality of Mixed Martial Arts


Of the top ten most popular sports in America, MMA is viewed as both the gayest and the straightest

Stereotyping the Fighter


Most of us started fighting out of fear.

Ten Things I’ve Learned From Not Drinking Alcohol

Screen Shot 2012-04-30 at 11.43.50 AM

Josh Bowman has learned a few things from taking a break from alcohol.

The Good, The Bad, and The Unconscious: MMA and Brian Stann

Screen Shot 2012-04-17 at 8.25.26 PM

Former MMA fighter Cameron Conaway explains why Brian Stann’s victory in Sweden, and the subsequent viral video, prove that he is a good man.

Blood, Sweat and Skill: The MMA Ethos

Screen shot 2012-03-15 at 4.07.37 PM

When it comes to the MMA, former fighter Cameron Conaway thinks the New York Times got it right, almost.