10 Ways to Disconnect From Hookup Culture

If you’ve come out of the hookup culture feeling empty, you’re not the only one. Daniel Dowling has a plan to help you find the satisfaction you deserve.

The Gay Man Behind Dr. Martin Luther King

Bayard Rustin was a key advisor to Dr. King. Widely credited for the pacifist strategies of the movement, Rustin was a gay man who, had he not been shamed and shunned, could have been at the forefront of both black and LGBT civil rights.

How Has Martin Luther King, Jr. Inspired You?

A man asked his friends this simple question on social media and the responses are both eye-opening and heartwarming.

What If All Our Heroes Were Ideas?

Let’s replace our heroes with ideas.

Inspiration Unpacked: Are We Ready to Grow Up?

The world now demands a maturity of America that we may not be able to achieve. ~ Dr. Martin Luther King

May We #ReclaimMLK With Mindfulness

An overlooked variable of Martin Luther King Jr.’s success was his unique ability to mindfully use his strong emotions rather than be used by them.

Lost Recordings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Add Insight to His Legacy

Newly discovered recordings of Dr. King reveal rare insights on how his trip to Africa influenced his life, teachings and philosophy.

Dreams Only Die if You Kill Them

Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream, and we’re still dreaming it. Now is not the time to say we can’t make this dream come true.

Celebrating Dr. King the Right Way

On MLK Day 2014, John Lash asks us to fully realize the profound power of our daily actions both to change ourselves and to change others.

A Dark Road

Tom Matlack gives a very personal account of Civil Rights in a time and place where not much was civil–Mississipi, 1964

Breaking the Emotional Coma Cycle

Jason Hairston explains how constricted masculinity damages male relationships

Robert F. Kennedy and Me

On the 45th anniversary of his death, Deborah A. Lott describes the reaction to the assassination of Bobby Kennedy: in the Ambassador Hotel where he was scheduled to speak, and in the days and years after.

Teaching Peace – For Martin

Peace is daunting and dangerous. But Julie Gillis insists that it has to be taught.

The MLK That Never Gets Quoted: “Don’t Let Anybody Take Your Manhood”

“Move down into the inner resources of [your] own soul and sign with pen and ink of self-assertive manhood [your] own Emancipation Proclamation.”

Acceptance: The Fight of the 21st Century

The values extolled by Martin Luther King Jr. live on how we live them.

The Measure of a Man in the Digital Age

I contemplate the tracks of my peers as technology and personhood become more intertwined.