8 Powerful Ways To Mold Your Children Into Leaders

8 Ways by Paul Inkles

Emotional intelligence expert Dr. Travis Bradberry offers practical parenting tips for teaching your kids leadership skills.

7 Behaviors Your Children Will Learn From You

7 Behaviors by Toni

Mike Berry knows the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and identifies 7 ways your kids will copy you.

Drawing Will Never Be the Same

Drawing Will Never by Facebook

Post by ‎المعلم‎. – Instead of creating shapes on paper, create them in the air with this 3D drawing pen. ___ Why make a sketch then go through the complicated process of having a model made when you can draw the model instantly? Photo—المعلم/Facebook

What Do Our Lists Say About Us?

What Do Our Lists by Rob and Stephanie Levy

Ty Phillips has a list, but it doesn’t have numbers.

Until We Teach Our Sons to Be More

Until We Teach by Roland Tanglao

Mike Berry knows he has to show up for his boys if he wants them to show up as men.

Are You Raising Resilient Kids?

Are You Raising by Madaise

Psychotherapist Mel Schwartz helps parents push past the obstacles to raising strong, self-sufficient children.

What You Can Learn from a Model


Liskula Cohen shares wisdom from a place you might not expect…the world of high-fashion modeling.

#YouCantBreakMe: These Bullying Victims Prove You Have To Go Through It To Get Through It (Video)


Many ‘beautiful’ people have battled through ugly pasts. In this video, you’ll see their testimonies.

Sex and Snuff: What Dying Twice Taught Me About Eroticized Death


Olivia Davis has done two modeling gigs involving her pretending to be dead. One was beautiful, one was ugly.

Makeovers Don’t Make the Man: A Political Lesson from the Canadian Reform Party


The Canadian Reform Party tried to pull a Mitt Romney, once: Preston Manning. Donald D’Haene has a close encounter of the conservative kind.

paint girls

paint girls   i went down to china town to speak with some real chinese because my china daughter now lives by the china sea   i found a funky gallery there two models painted blue they gave me 20 sex eyes each the way good models do   now i ride my bicycle home […]

Beauty for Babies


In this installment of “Love, Recorded,” baby Grace explores the modeling industry and Matt writes about selling and scams and the monetary value of babies.

Legs, Wings, and a Blurred Out Tush


Wilson Charles finds that the most intriguing parts of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show aren’t the half-naked supermodels.

Are You Sure All Men Are Dogs?


Michael Rosker wonders why some women feel the need to train their men.