Why Dads Aren’t Mr. Moms


At first, Lisa Zabaldo expected her husband to be a carbon copy of herself in terms of raising their kids. Here’s why it was a bad idea.

Dads: Babysitters or Parents?

Lisa Zabaldo asks if the modern dad’s role has evolved from being a babysitter to a hands-on parent.

What Does Your Father’s Day Gift Say About You?

Ladies, do you need to get a Father’s Day present for the dad in your life? Let’s find out what your gift idea says about you.

The Modern Dad: RadioAmerika Interview With Rob Watson, Editor, Dads and Families


Our Dad and Families Editor, Rob Watson, was interviewed by RadioAmerika’s Barb Adams. He discusses the new world of families and dads, one where choice leads the way and cliches are left in the dust.

The Dad Who Went Viral Announces a New Book!

Doyin Photo

Doyin Richards was more surprised than anyone when a simple picture of him tending to his daughters went viral. He now hopes his new mission to get the word out on good dads gets a similar reception.

Becoming the Kind of Dad Who Will Crawl Through The Dark For His Child

dad will crawl for you

At some point, every man has to decide whether he will be the kind to stand outside or if he will crawl into the dark spaces of life for his kids.

The Viral Photo: One Year Later


One year ago today, Doyin Richards’s life changed forever when he posted an article for The Good Men Project. Here’s how he hopes his viral photo experience impacts fatherhood in 2015 and beyond.

Being A Daddy Without An Example

It’s hard to be a good dad. It’s even harder when you don’t have an example to look up to. Dr. Adam Starks shares his personal story.

What Happened When Two Modern Dads Met For Dinner

restrnt 1

It was supposed to be just a dinner. Jeff Bogle found it was so much more. “We were engaged in a conversation men of previous generations rarely could and therefore rarely did have.” Here’s what happened.

20 Photos That Depict True Modern Fatherhood

Doyin Richards shares photos that truly define fatherhood in today’s society.

Being a Dad is Being Present

father, son, dog, pet, kids, children, father, whit honea, guitar, play,

Heather Gray has real advice for new dads: You are important. You are necessary. You matter.

Sean Kent of Modern Dads Responds to Being Called Moronic by His Interviewer.

Sean Kent and his family, Joopsy, Rachel and Arwen hang out with Lucy the dog.

Sean Kent, the funny one on A&E’s new show Modern Dads, talks with Jason Moles about surviving cancer, being a step-dad and gender differences.

The Week in Dads: Leveling Up

"Level" by Lunarbaboon

From gaming to back to school to Modern Dads and seven things no kid needs, we recap the week in Dads & Families and present a comic from Lunarbaboon.

Exclusive Interview with Modern Dads Producer Adrian Kulp


Modern Dads reality TV show featuring four stay-at-home dads with completely different circumstances debuts tonight on A&E.

I’m Not Mr. Mom


Stay-at-home dad Jeff Bogle is creating a new image of fatherhood, every day.

12 Things Not To Say To A Stay-At-Home Dad

enraged 350

Mark Greene offers helpful tips for avoiding those pesky conversational faux pas with your local Stay At Home Dad.