Two Dads, Twin Babies, a Love Letter

From love at first sight, to parents of twins — these love letters sum up what it means to be a “modern family.”

Dads in the Modern Family

The word “dad” invokes something different now than it did even fifteen years ago. Alexandra Temblador takes a look at what it means in today’s modern family.

8 Things Gay Dads Don’t Want to Hear

There are eight comments and questions that Henry Amador-Batten gets as a gay dad that drive him crazy. Here is why.

About My First Father’s Day

Geer Oskam reflects on his memorable, unusual, first Father’s Day.

The First Time I Really Felt Like a Dad

Recently, Geer Oskam had one of those “Yes, I’m really a dad!” moments.

I Cried at Cam’s and Mitch’s Wedding (and I Wasn’t Even There)

ABC’s ‘Modern Family’ was nice enough to invite us to the wedding of the season. Brandy Pettigrew was thrilled to finally see it happen.

Insight on the Urge to Squeeze Puppies and Eat Babies

Yale researchers Rebecca Dyer and Oriana Aragon use bubble wrap and photographs to explore mankind’s strange desire to crush or devour extremely cute animals.

Video: ‘Modern Family’ on Australia and Marriage Equality

Mitchell and Cameron made an awesome video responding to Australia’s prohibition against marriage equality.

Obama, Biden, and the Marriage (r)Evolution

Seth Thomas looks at society’s increased acceptance of same-sex marriage, and the larger realization of the complexity of men.

Chevy Introduces “The New Us” with LGBT-Inclusive Commercials

Chevrolet is one of the advertisers bringing LGBT families into mainstream commercials.

How To Use the Bad Rep of Today’s Man To Find Happiness

While pop culture makes men look like clueless, overweight losers, Howard Falco explains how to defy such low expectations and find personal happiness and love in the process

So What if Barack Obama is Gay?*

Oliver Lee Bateman discusses tabloid “outings” and the need for reassuring either/or categories.

The Power of the Proposal: Marriage, Love and Modern Family

Season premiere of ABC sitcom Modern Family put this summer’s gay rights ruling in perspective on the power of a marriage proposal to define a relationship.

Steve Grand, Country Music and The United States of Amnesia

Nico Lang explains that if he’s successful, Grand will be the first country singer to get famous because of his sexuality, rather than in spite of it. But we need to be mindful of who is still being left out.

Beyond LGBT’s 4 M’s: Marriage, Military, Media & Money

Professor Warren Blumenfeld reflects on the past, present and future of the LGBT movement.

Best Advice From TV Dads (Video)

From the Seavers, to the Simpsons, to the Starks, here is a collection of the greatest advice from our beloved fictional dads from TV.