3 Ways You Can Be Chivalrous Today

Chivalry is NOT dead, it’s merely evolving. Nate Bagley and the BIC Flex5 razor help you #SmoothUp your moves.

Why Exploring Outer Space is So Important

Who are we? Why are we here? Where did we come from? And if we are here, who else is here; and who else is out there?

Let’s Talk About Men

How and why do we need to talk about men? Jason Kiesau asked Men & Masculinities expert Dr. Michael Kimmel for his insight.

The New Man Paradigm

Shifts in traditional gender roles are allowing men more freedom to explore who and how they want to be.

How Are the Evolving Roles of Women Shaping Men’s Modern Realities?

Cara Lemieux asks men a variety of questions and the result gives us a deeper glimpse into how modern men view work, goals, parenting and relationships.

Video: How To Have More Sex With Your Wife

Reservoir Dad urges men to adapt and to listen to make more intimacy and to get more sex

All Day Foreplay: A Family Guy’s Guide to Making Love All Day Long

Building the foundation for a long, happy, sex-filled marriage, despite kids, requires a new mindset, according to Reservoir Dad

Poll: Why is Our Society Obsessed with Modern Men and Manliness?

Clearly, our society is currently obsessed with modern men and manliness, why?

Call for Submissions From the New Marriage Editor

Gint Aras, the Good Men Project’s new marriage editor, introduces himself and his relationship to wedlock.

Mark Rothko PhD 1.

I am doing a series, maybe 6 or 7, of photographs inspired by the late wonderful and great abstract expressionist Mark Rothko. This is the first.

The Ultimate Men’s Summit

Do you want to be a part of the largest men’s telesummit in the history of, well, ever?