Sunday Night in My Thirties


Thom Ingram reflects on the pressure some of us face to have children.

Back Off My Wife! My Jealousy of a Little Girl


Doug Zeigler used to get frustrated and angered by his daughter’s constant attempts to get his wife’s attention. But then he saw what was really the issue: his jealousy.

Bringing Your Girlfriend Home: Tips for a Smooth Introduction


Fellas. You’re in love. She’s the One. Now, it’s time to take your lady to meet your folks. Here are a few tips on how to introduce the light of your life to your parents.

Mom’s “Rules for Dating My Son” Are as Bad as Dad’s “Rules for Dating My Daughter”

rules for dating my son photo by balladist

Do you think this is funny? Why or why not?

A Boy’s Life Is Changed On A Jamaican Road

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Some lessons change a life. Some lessons change as many as they can. Jeff Bogle shares the moment that changed his . . .

The Drill Instructor and the Lonely Boy: A Powerful Video

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There is a lot to be said for discipline, and even more for positive male role models. This video has both.

On Making Amends and Finding Gratitude

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There are many paths to gratitude. Matt Clapper’s led him through a series of amends, and he is the better for it.

How My Dad’s Serial Marriage Affected Me

marriage ceremony

I never expected how my father’s serial divorce would affect me over time.

Dad Profiling: The Double Standard

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Mike Spohr was trying to console his crying niece. Unfortunately some people only see what they want to see.

Somewhat Deaf and Completely Scared


Doug Zeigler was born with a hearing defect. He tried all he could to hide it from everyone for one reason: FEAR.

Dear Son: There’s Life Outside a Glowing Screen

minecraft image by demc7

D. Alva reminds her son about the differences between real life and virtual life.

A Son’s Pioneering Role Model Mom


Bruce Tretter remembers his mother on her 91st birthday and the example she is in his life.

Good-byes, Rituals, and Orange Creamsicles

Brain Trouts Mom

Brian Shea tells stories of his mom and his male friends, through the rituals that connected them all.

“Every father has something great to give. Something exactly as important as the mother. There’s no need to try to invent things that only a father could have done.”

Every father has something great to give

This comment is by Lars Fischer on the post What is The Dad Difference?



As I stand under an apricot tree, a golden set of stairs appears.

My Mother’s Counter

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Has cooking just become a chore? Craig St. John reflects on the spirituality of finding and preparing food.